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Where has Bioshock Infinite gone?


Remember years ago when Bioshock Infinite was announced for 2012? It felt like ages ago when that announcement was made. 2012 is finally here and yet Bioshock has been pushed back into February of 2013. The only gameplay (aside from a few enemy spotlights) we’ve seen for the title came way back in 2011, which looked like a scripted event to show off new characters and the ability to move around the airborne city.  While the game looked great, I’m starting to worry about the delay and the lack of new gameplay or news.

Games get delayed all the time, but not games scheduled to release almost three years from their reveal. While delays usually signal that the developer wants to take more time to polish the game up and make it better, Bioshock Infinite is concerning based on the little we’ve seen. It’s one thing to push back a game that we’ve seen footage of, but another to leave us guessing as to what happened.


In the 15-minute demo shown for Infinite, you can see how massive the game is. There are different levels throughout the clouds that you can access on various rails. If you haven’t seen the demo I’m talking about, you can see it here. A game this open needs a lot of time to polish, however, I wish they would show us more before the game releases. They have already stated the game will not be at Gamescom in August, which is one of the the last big video game show before the game ships.

ElizabethGameplay details for Bioshock Infinite are scarce to say the least. While the demo shows you interacting with Elizabeth, the character with the ability to place objects around the city and tear a hole in time and space, not much else is known. Your character has the ability to hurl enemies into an anti gravity state, making them hover over their cover and render them unable to fight back, but other than that, we don’t know what powers he has. The power and ability section seems different than the previous Bioshock games, especially since you have a companion that can implement objects when needed.

Bioshock Infinite is one of the games I’m looking forward to most in an action packed Q1 2013 lineup, so hopefully the game will be as good as advertised. Ideally we’ll see more footage before the game comes out to ensure us that it’s a triple-A game. Until then Bioshock Infinite will be back in hiding, waiting for its February 26th release date.

Are you excited about Bioshock Infinite? Are you getting worried about the delay and lack of information? Let me know in the comments below.

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