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What will it take for Nintendo to 'win' E3?

Nintendo E3

Despite not having a traditional press conference, this is a big E3 for Nintendo. With a struggling new console that released almost six months ago, Nintendo has to somehow pull attention away from Sony, Microsoft, and their new consoles -- the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There's only one way that Nintendo is going to be able to compete with the hype that'll come with pricing announcements, release dates, next-gen games, further clarification to all of our questions, and what the PS4 looks like (if all of that gets shown). 


Nintendo needs to blow consumers away with games. They need to give people a reason to buy a Wii U. And they need to show confused consumers that the Wii U actually is a new console with games and experiences that you can't get elsewhere. Nintendo needs a spark. And these following things would help Nintendo capture everyone's attention at E3. 

Show us the new Zelda game

Zelda 25th anniversary

Since January's Nintendo Direct when Nintendo announced there's a new Zelda game in the works for the Wii U, there's been no update on the development of the game. Even then, they didn't have any screenshots or video footage of the game to show. The only thing that franchise producer Eiji Aonuma said was that the game is returning to the basics to "create a newborn Zelda so players today can enjoy the real essence of the franchise."

Sounds good, but now's the time to show us what you have so far. Even if it's just a cinematic and some screenshots, give it to us. Show us the new era of Zelda that Wii U owners have to look forward to. Start out E3 strong and lead with your heavy hitter. 

New Super Smash Bros. playable at E3 with release date

super smash bros. wii u e3 2012

Speaking of heavy hitters, Satoru Iwata said back in January that the first screenshots for Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U will be shown at this year's E3. If Nintendo wants to make a splash, though, they should have a demo of the game playable at E3. We're definitely going to see the game -- something from it -- but playing it would create a buzz around Nintendo's booth that it desperately needs. 

Tons of media and E3 attendees would be huddled around Nintendo's booth, feverishly playing match after match if there's a demo available. That's how hungry people are for a new Super Smash Bros. Oh yeah, a release date wouldn't hurt either. 

Wind Waker HD release date

I have a confession to make: I've never played Wind Waker. Don't burn me at the stake just yet, because I fully intend to play the hell out of it when Wind Waker HD releases on the Wii U. I just need to know when it is releasing, which Nintendo should tell everyone at E3. 

GameCube on the Wii U virtual console

metroid prime

Nintendo fans constantly say that the Wii U is going to be the next GameCube, in terms of success and gaming library. Well I'm sure we'd all love an announcement on when we can expect some of our favorite GameCube games on the Wii U Virtual Console. I'm talking Killer7Viewtiful JoeBeyond Good & EvilSuper Mario SunshineResident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness, and, of course, Metroid Prime.

I would give you all my money for these games, complete with off-TV play, all on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Keep your "Mario Kart playable at E3" promise

Mario Kart 7

It's simple, Nintendo. Keep your promise of having Mario Kart for the Wii U playable at E3. Between that and Smash Bros., your booth would be the life of the party. Considering the Wii U's existence has been plagued by game delays, it would look pretty bad if you didn't have Mario Kart playable.

Show us Bayonetta 2 gameplay

It's about time we saw gameplay from Bayonetta 2. Not a behind-the-scenes video either; we need real, actual gameplay. There's no title like Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U yet, or even planned for it, so I think I speak for Wii U owners when I say that we welcome this game with open arms -- if it comes to us soon.

Any third-party support

EA Madden Wii U

Anyone? Anyone? All we need is publisher to step up and support the Wii U, both vocally and with games. Maybe throw an exclusive out there. It would catch everyone off guard. Otherwise, the Wii U could be in danger of having all third-party support pulled from the console.

What do you think Nintendo must absolutely do at E3 to win over consumers and the gaming community? Let us know in the comments below.

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