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What's next for Saints Row?


If I had to describe Saints Row: The Third in one word, it would be "insane." The sheer craziness that the game exudes is enormous, and it really only encourages players to do everything in as crazy a manner as possible. As if the freedom and myriad things to do weren't enough to make the game an insane blast, each mission tries to top the last mission. This self-one-upsmanship creates an experience that only gets more ridiculous as the game progresses. Simply put, it's amazing. But you have to wonder, how is developer Volition going to top Saints Row: The Third when the next game in the series launches?

Saints Row: The Third could have easily been just another open world crime game. If that was the case, would it have been fun? Most likely. That said, it would have been yet another entry in a genre we all know too well--a genre we've known too well for about a decade now. While there's certainly nothing wrong with that, Saints Row: The Third would indeed be missing that spark that makes certain games feel both fresh and unique upon launch.

saints row: the third

Thankfully, that wasn't the case because Volition set out to craft a remarkable open world crime game that's unlike any other. Rather than succumbing to the same ideas that we've all seen in contemporary action-adventure games, Saints Row: The Third delivers a hilarious adventure with whimsical characters, a fun plot, and some of the craziest weapons and vehicles seen in this type of game. Seriously, there's no way anyone can deny the sheer awesomeness of a flying motorcycle.

In addition to all of this, there are some truly ingenious side quests, or Activities, that really raise the bar for what optional time wasters in an action-adventure game should be like. As for the missions, whether you're infiltrating a military base to steal weapons or gunning down digital enemies as you traverse a Tron-like world, there's a distinct level of pleasant absurdity to be found.

saints row: the third

So what can Volition do to make the next Saints Row stand out? To be quite honest, I have no idea. I really don't know what the developer could possibly have up its sleeve. The funny thing is that despite the fact that I don't know where Volition can go next, I know Volition knows where it wants to go next. As we speak, it's very possible (and likely) that the folks over at the studio have already brainstormed some great ideas for Saints Row 4.

I can almost imagine a room full of game developers laughing their asses off as they throw around ideas regarding the next Saints Row. If these folks were able to craft something so special and insane with Saints Row: The Third, I can honestly say I look forward to seeing what they're cooking up for their next trip into either Steelport or Stillwater ... or possibly both. Whatever they have planned, though, I hope it's all bigger. I want more explosions, more crazy situations, more wonderful set pieces, and more memorable characters.

I think a lot of us also want the story of the Saints to continue right where it left off. I really hope the script in Saints Row 4 is as utterly ridiculous as it is in Saints Row: The Third, and I hope we see a continuation of the events from that game. Frankly, I don't think the story has ended just yet, and it's very possible that Volition will want to carry out this tale and expand it further.

saints row: the third

As far as ridiculous ideas go, there are certain to be plenty of things that Volition left on the cutting room floor for one reason or another. That's fine, because maybe not all of the stuff was gold, but there are certain to be ideas that were great yet were unfortunately left out due to time constraints, no proper way to implement them, or any one of several common factors that developers have to consider. If there was anything awesome that was left out of Saints Row:The Third, though, I hope we get to see it and play it in Saints Row 4.

The open world crime genre was flipped upside down, twisted, pulled apart, and put back together when Saints Row: The Third launched. I'm not so sure Volition can do exactly that once again with the next game in the series, but it can certainly provide even more insanity. The developer is sure to have plenty more crazy ideas, and there are countless fans eagerly looking forward to whatever the studio has planned. For now, we'll enjoy some DLC, but I think I speak for a lot of gamers when I say we can't wait to see what's next for Saints Row.

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