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Welcome to The Tower, Destiny's mission and social hub

We were lucky enough to get into the Public Alpha for Destiny, Bungie's upcoming Scifi FPS RPG, and we're ready to share some details about the game with you.

This video showcases the game's main Hub, The Tower. This is where players can meet up, join parties, stock up on various equipment such as new weapons and armor, visit their respective class vendor and buy class specific gear and accept various challenges to complete when adventuring down on the surface of various planets. In the case of the Public Alpha, the only area open to us at the moment is Old Russia on Earth.

It's interesting to see that gameplay shifts to a third person perspective when in The Tower, but considering the crazy amount of gear this game has, it's nice to be able to appreciate the way your character looks in comparison to other players.

Players can join groups called Fireteams, and then head out together to complete missions and various public events that might require more than one person to complete.

Stay tuned for more Destiny videos coming soon.

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