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We Were Robbed!


Guess what everybody?  This weekend, GameZone was broken into!  Great news to wake up to on a Saturday morning.

After alerting authories we looked around to assess the damage and see exactly what was taken.

Among the things stolen were our PS3, Xbox 360s, Nintendo 3DS, TVs, etc.  The usual things that robbers would expect to get some value out of.  Which brings me to the humor in all of this.  After completely clearing us out (minus our computers), we noticed the thieves left one thing behind...the Wii. 

I don't know if it's funny or sad that thieves break in and steal everything except the Wii.  I guess with the Black Friday sales putting the Wii at a retail value of $99, the robbers didn't think it'd be worth their time.  They did steal the HDMI cable as well as the HDMI adapter for it though, so you know that they took the time to really think if it was worth taking.

Unfortunately, our copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was in the stolen Xbox 360 :(

Does anyone else find it completely sad that not even thieves want to steal Nintendo's Wii?

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