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Watch us play H1Z1 for a few minutes and die a couple of times

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Our Editor in Chief, Mike Splechta, and News Editor, Matt Liebl, are both in Las Vegas for SOE Live. They're playing games like Planetside 2EverQuest Next and Landmark, and the zombie survival MMO H1Z1.

H1Z1‚Äč is a game where the H1Z1 epidemic has driven civilization into a post-apocalyptic state. There's no zombie-free zones, and players must use skill and wits to survive the elements, undead, and other players. It's an open-PVP game, so you know what that mean... players are a-holes and will kill you given the chance. Trust no one. 

While playing H1Z1, they sent me over some video of their gameplay. Let's hope they're better at video games than taking video... shoddy camera-work fellas. 

You'll see them chop down trees, die to zombies, and watch players be a-holes to one another. Enjoy.

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