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Watch me suck at Titanfall's Attrition mode as an Assassin

Listen, I admit that FPS games aren't really my forte (as this video clearly shows) but I had an absolute blast in the past few matches of Titanfall.

Everything is extremely fast paced. Your Pilot has an infinite sprint, with a sweet double jump that gives you the ability to scale high walls, and an amazingly intuitive wallrun that gives you some crazy maneuverability.

In Attrition your goal is simple, kill or be killed, and rack up to 250 points for your team. As simple as it is, I still managed to suck.

One thing to point out though is that Automatic Pistol. Holy freaking crap! It's amazing! A few times in this video, I manage to kill up to four people with it, and no 'real' aiming required. While it sounds like it's a completely unfair and noob weapon, just know that it really only works against NPC enemies, and not that well against other players. In the time it will take you to fully lock on to a player, they can pump your face full of shotgun.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to love Titanfall. As an extremely casual Call of Duty and Battlefield player, I went into Titanfall expecting to play a few matches and forget about it. Turns out, it was quite the opposite. After every match, whether I won or lost, I wanted to play again. I didn't care about my kill/death ratio. And if I finished with 26 NPC kills and 0 Pilot kills, I was OK with that, it was still extremely satisfying.

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