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Walking Dead: The Game - Where should it go in season two?


Oh hey, before we even get started: SPOILERS for ‘The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1’ lie within.

‘The Walking Dead: The Game’ is what ‘The Walking Dead’ TV show should have been.  There, I said it.  While I find the show to be plenty enjoyable, with occasional moments of awesomeness, Episodes One through Five of the game were consistently enthralling, moving, and really, really stressful (which I imagine a zombie apocalypse would definitely be.)  

Lee and Glenn

By focusing on difficult choices and innovative set-pieces, ‘The Walking Dead: The Game’ rises above the point-and-click adventure genre to create a story that pulls you in right from the start.  As Lee, a man on his way to prison for murder, it falls to you to protect Clementine, a little girl that you find hiding in a tree-house.  The relationship between Lee and his surrogate daughter Clem makes up the major emotional center of the game, to the point where you as the player find yourself making every gameplay decision with Clem’s safety and general well-being in mind.

Which is why the ending is so rough.  Finishing off with a cliffhanger of sorts, Lee (bitten and diyng) bids Clem farewell, chains himself to a wall, and depending on the choice the player makes, either gets shot in the head by Clementine or dies of his bite, supposedly to come back as a zombie.  So the big question is.... Where does Clem go from here?  And more importantly, where does the game go?  We already know that Season Two is in development, and given the ending of Season One, there are a ton of directions they could take it in.  Let’s look at a few of them, shall we?

Where will the story pick up?

The big question is whether season two will start immediately after the end of season one, or if there will be some sort of time-jump shenanigans.  Maybe we’ll jump ten years into the future, with Clem as a zombie-killing badass?  Or maybe we’ll pick up with her on the road, right after shooting (or abandoning) Lee?  Maybe we’ll even start before the end of Season one, with some other characters, and eventually catch up to Clem and the others somewhere along the way?


If I had to guess, I’d say it will pick up a short time after, maybe a month or two.  Season One did a couple small time jumps of this nature, and it allows for a bit of extra mystery as to what happened in the intervening time without having a whole ton of stuff to catch us up on.  Maybe they’ll even jump a year ahead, so that we can really see the changes in Clementine since the death of Lee. 

Who will we play as?

I’m assuming that we won’t just spend the next game shambling around as an undead Lee (although I would totally play that) looking for Clementine, which begs the question: who will we be playing as?  The obvious choice seems to be Clementine herself, who was an observer for much of Season One, but will certainly have to be more proactive and aware in the wake of Lee’s death.  It would certainly be a change of pace from the badass Lee, and would create a new game experience, although I can’t help but wonder if it would be a little too hard for many gamers to put themselves in the shoes of a child as their primary character in such an immersive game.  

The crew

My guess would be that we will play as Krista, one half of the couple that Clementine sets off in search of at the end of Season One.  She’s a badass much like Lee was, but her relationship with Clementine has an opportunity to be much softer, not just because she gets to be a mother-figure to her, but because she also has an actual baby on the way (I’m pretty sure this was heavily implied in Season One without ever being outright stated, although I could be wrong).  Having to look out for her boyfriend Omid, Clementine, and the unborn baby she’s carrying could make for some really intense and harrowing choices.

The other option, of course, is for us to play as a totally new character in a totally new group, who runs across the (surviving) season one characters early on.  That could be cool too, I guess.

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