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Velvet Sundown Walkthrough Part 2: Sea on Fire

We go deeper into Velvet Sundown to show you the intricacies of player dialogue and deception as well as how to use items and the pitfalls of solo que. 
A good strategy for talking to other players is to ask them to speak with you outside. It's ok for the initial small talk to be done near others, but if you get a clue that the person might be on your side or have something you want you need to move the conversation away from other people so they can't hear you. On the other side of that, stand near other players to eavesdrop on their conversation. 
Trading money for information or trading anything for that matter is very risky. A player will most likely give up the data after you hand them the cash, but if they have not been completely honest with you they might just take the money and run! Always make sure the person has exactly what you need. 
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