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Velvet Sundown Walkthrough Part 1: Sea of Fire

We get a grip on this game and give you an overall player experience so you can see just what you are getting into with Velvet Sundown. It is clearly a very mature role play heavy game that is jam packed with immature teenage boys and sexual predators. Oh well...
Beginners Guide:
You play as a character with a back story and a mission and it is random every time you play.
Your goal is to complete your secret objective. Be careful though, there are others on the ship who are trying to stop you.
Click on players to invite them to chat. When in chat with players click objects then on the player to use that object.
When you chat it is using exactly what you are typing, which means players can say anything...ANYTHING. This game is not for children.
Everyone wants something. Some are looking to buy data, others to sell, and even others to arrest! Be careful and learn what everyone wants and who can help you by using careful dialogue.
Be vauge with your diaoge at first. For example if you are looking to buy data say something like. "I love shopping. I am always looking to buy nice things for the right price". Be general and non specific. If you feel like you and the other person are on the same page then go somewhere private and exchange the data for cash. 
Of course this person could be lying to you and when they meet with you they could taze you. There is no way of knowing except by trusting your natural intuition and reading thier dialogue very carefully. 
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