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Uncharted territory: A look at the Uncharted games with new eyes

An overview of the series thus far from a newbie

The Uncharted series thus far has been quite the heralded franchise when speaking to PS3 owners. Every single one of my friends who owned a PS3 continuously told me to play the games if I ever had the chance to – it was a little difficult for me since I was having plenty of fun with my Xbox 360. Not playing the titles wasn't due to lack of interest; the Indiana Jones-like feel to the set pieces and story always intrigued me.

With Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on the horizon with a March 2016 release date, I finally had the chance to play the first three games; all thanks to the remastered collection which was released last month. Upon finishing them all and chatting with friends and colleagues about “which was my favorite,” I discovered something interesting.

Going into the series, I was always told the same thing: the first is tolerable, the second is definitely the best, and the third is ok. So, how did my step into the franchise years after they originally released match up with the veterans to the series?

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