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Top Video Game Weapons that Will Literally Blow You Away


There is nothing quite like being in a multiplayer match against friends or online, being backed up against the wall clinging to the little life you have left or being cornered in a small room with nothing but ten bullets left in your pistol, looking and hoping that something miraculous will happen to save you and provide a justifiable way out. When all hope seems lost, there is always the chance you will catch a glimmer in the distance. Thank you, you will say as you now have laid eyes on one of the few, rare badass weapons that’s main ability is to you get out of any life threatening situations, blow up your enemies into a million little pieces and just to look completely and utterly "gangsta." Yes, these are the weapons that any player loves to find, hates to lose and know will completely annihilate them if in the wrong hands. These are the top badass video game weapons.

Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War, Xbox 360)

Say what you want about the Hammer of Dawn. It’s cheap; it’s weak sauce, etc. We've heard it all from fellow players. However, when you are in an area flooded with the Locust Horde backed up against a wall and then witness one of those ridiculous Locust Horde Godzillas walking through the area towards you, it’s the Hammer of Dawn you want to have your possession. Using a satellite targeting system, by pointing the gun in the direction of your "Godzilla" or any enemy, it will then send a powerful and extremely excruciating laser that will burn anything and everything in its way. The disintegration and absolute mayhem it causes will put a smile on even the most anti-GOW player.

Golden Gun (GoldenEye 007, N64)

From early on, back in the "vintage days" as we now call it, when first person shooters were just making their way into the mainstream and shooting straight into our hearts. One of the most popular multiplayer shooters at the time was GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. You may remember the story, sure. But for the most part, all anyone remembers was the chaos and ultimately one of the first times we had played a shooter with our friends through multiplayer. And with that chaos came an extremely small, shiny and death inducing gun, the golden gun. Sure, it was only a pistol, but boy, did it pack a punch. With the fire power to take out all your friends in a matter of seconds before they could even run and hide, the Golden Gun is still one gun we will always cherish.

Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)

The name really says it all for this imaginative gun brought to us by the Half Life team. The gun is used by the hero and allows for anything and everything to be picked up no matter the size nor weight. It is an absolute treat to use against foes. Want to pick up a car? It is absolutely impossible. Right? Wrong. The Gravity Gun will pick up a car, trash cans and anything you please to throw and annihilate your victims. Plus, it’s funny to watch. Think back to all the fond memories you had with those saw blades.

The Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII, PS1)

A lot of you were probably assuming that only guns would be listed. However, you can’t rule out how many fear-inducing swords there are in video games. After accepting this fact, one’s mind wanders into a state of which one would scare the living day lights out of you if you were to encounter it.

There was only one that came to mind immediately that would absolutely have you pee in your pants upon slashing against it. Yes, the buster sword triumphs over any sword ever to enter the fantasy world of video games. Wielded by Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII, the buster sword is a massive sword that is sure to put a world of hurt onto any foes that may come into its path. (Omnislash anyone?) A rich history and lifespan also resides behind this masterful sword giving it a kind of aura and mystery that lands it on this list and keeps it in many gamers' hearts.

Celebral Bore (Turok series)

Although the Turok series is not known too often for their flawless graphics and wonderful story lines, they do offer one thing that players sometimes forget about. The developers created one of the most hellish guns in video game history. The Celebral Bore is a gun with the most off-the-wall intensity you can think of. It targets the brains of your enemies boroughing itself inside and then BOOM. Yes, not only does the shot hook into the insides of your celebral cortex, it also blows your head off in a matter of seconds. Quick and extremely excruciating death, but an absolute blast to watch on the television screen.

The Red Turtle Shell (MarioKart series)

When racing around in go karts with Mario and friends, you don’t need a extremely gargantuan sword or even a shiny little gun that kills people in one shot, all you need is a simple red turtle shell (or three if you’re lucky) to get to first place.

You know what they say? For the one who holds on to the red turtle shells until the end wins the race. Well, maybe they don’t say that, but in most cases it is entirely true. A red turtle shell can get you from last to first if you play your cards right. You can't say that even today you aren't scared of seeing your 1st place in the corner with a red turtle shell speeding readily towards you.

Energy Sword (Halo series)

Absolute fear. The only thing that comes to mind when your opponent has an energy sword. The only things you can say, no matter what gun is in your possession, when encountering a player with the futuristic energy sword is, "TIME TO RUN!". The sword is extremely futuristic, made up of pure energy that if in multiplayer, will kill you in one slash. Sounds annoying and it is unless you possess it. Think back. Have you ever turned down the energy sword upon finding it on the map? I think not.

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