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Top Five Upcoming Capcom Games


Capcom has been one of the top names in gaming since 1984. Think of your favorite games of all-time, for a specific system, perhaps from a single genre, or even by year, and Capcom probably makes an appearance every time. When Capcom announces a new game, the entire world of gaming stops to take notice, GameZone included, and 2010 has been an extraordinary year for announcements. Capcom has plenty of games to watch out for, but five in particular should be on every gamer's radar.

5) Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

If you grew up on the NES, you probably have fond memories of Bionic Commando, or rather, bending controllers until they threatened to snap. The game was impossibly, brutally, and agonizingly difficult, but that didn’t stop throngs of people (myself included) from recognizing greatness. Besides, when aren’t grappling hooks cool? Oops… I almost forgot about the 3D re-imagining. Bionic Commando Rearmed avoided pitfalls by delivering the original experience intact with an HD makeover. Rearmed 2 only needs to follow in those footsteps to repeat the critical success of its predecessor. Although new weapons, the ability to jump, and the inclusion of regenerating health have us worried about the integrity of the old-school flavor, we have faith in Capcom to deliver another outstanding platformer.

4) Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

If you don’t know about Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, you need to watch our video review of the Japanese release. Capcom has already proven to be a formidable power on the DS with the Phoenix Wright games, from the same developer, but shrugging Ghost Trick off as a clone would be a grave mistake (bad pun fully intended). As a ghost, you have a scant four minutes to manipulate objects in the physical world to create extraordinary chains of events, ala Rube Goldberg, to save people from certain deaths. It’s a compelling idea to begin with, but Ghost Trick’s visuals nearly steal the show. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the flowing animations are real.

3) Street Fighter X Tekken

We don’t know much about this crossover, and it still seems too surreal to be possible. It’s a battle of dimensions as the kings of 2D take on the lords of 3D (sorry Sega). What little we do know from the sneak-peek at the San Diego Comic Con is that Super Street Fighter IV’s mesmerizing style will be presiding. We saw familiar moves from Kazuya, but the display only fueled the fires of skepticism. How can Tekken, which relies so heavily on the z-axis for dodges and counters, possibly exist on a 2D plane of combat? Then again, perhaps such questions only cloud the obvious. Fighting games don’t get much better (if at all) than Super Street Fighter IV. Whether Tekken’s influence is preserved or not, Street Fighter X Tekken is sure to be one heck of a good fighting game. Debut Trailer

2) Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising was the first showstopper of the Xbox 360. Such carnage wasn’t possible before then, and the mix of desperate action and slapstick comedy only made the experience more memorable. But, Dead Rising was not without its disappointments. The strictly single-player adventure got lonely and the 72 hour time limit meant repeating the opening hours of content was unavoidable if you wanted to experience everything. I suppose one out of two changes isn’t bad. Although the countdown is still in effect, you will be able to invite a friend into your world for tag-team devastation, and Dead Rising 2 promises new heights of mutilation. You can expect weapons old and new, deadly and absurd, but the spotlight is on the combo cards and the bizarre devices made with them. Two chainsaws strapped to a paddle, or a teddy bear with gatling guns offer a small taste of the epic brutality that Dead Rising 2 has in store. Video Interview

1) Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

You had to have seen this one coming. The fighting genre wouldn’t be what it is today without Capcom. For all we know, Pit Fighter might have shaped the future instead. *shudder* However, the Marvel vs. Capcom series did more than bring fanboys from two universes together. It introduced new levels of depth to the genre with multi-character attacks and strategies, customizable move-sets, and a new take on tag-team mechanics. That, and pitting Wolverine against Mega Man was downright awesome. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can’t promise another revolutionary leap, nor does it need to. Besides, any major upheavals are likely to cause riots. Capcom nailed the perfect formula with the second installment. Touching up a few spots, adding characters like Dante and Chris Redfield, and dressing the experience in a fresh art-style are more than enough reasons for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to be a classic for yet another decade. Preview

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