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Top Five Indie Games on WiiWare


WiiWare has seen much better days. The download platform on the Wii definitely had a ton of potential to start, but it seems to have floundered over the past couple of years. As a result, many great indie games go criminally unnoticed. Looking for some solid, independently developed titles to pass the time? Fire up your Wii and head on over to the Wii Shop Channel. Here are the best indie downloads WiiWare has to offer.

5. Furry Legends (Gamelion Studios)

Video games are supposed to be fun more than anything else. Furry Legends provides an adequate degree of challenge, physics-based gameplay, and great humor. Rolling your furry critter around colorful levels, uncovering cryptic messages, and discovering secrets all make Furry Legends a gem of a game. The game is bright and cheery, and its soundtrack is catchy, making Furry Legends a title that manages to hit all the right notes. It's a little short, but if the teaser at the end is any indication, this isn't the last we've seen of Furry Legends. If you want to have a few laughs and some good, clean fun, this indie title is sure to deliver.

4. And Yet It Moves (Broken Rules)

And Yet It Moves is a solid example of innovation done right. The game's puzzle platforming is enough to keep gamers entertained the entire time, and like Furry Legends, it's a shame the game isn't longer. But you know a game is special when it leaves you wanting more. And Yet It Moves will have you rotating the screen and turning roofs into floors as you navigate its 20 enjoyable levels. Even though it made its debut on the PC long before hitting WiiWare, this title is a perfect fit for Nintendo's home console.

3. World of Goo (2D Boy)

Easily one of the most popular and recognizable indie games around, World of Goo has managed to garner a massive fan base and notoriety as one of the most enjoyable physics-based indie games ever developed. This game will take you back to your childhood, when playing with slimy things was so much fun. Luckily, now you can do it without having to actually touch the stuff. Get together with a group of friends, and World of Goo is even more exciting. Don't miss out any longer and download one of the best WiiWare games today.

2. Bit.Trip (Gaijin Games), series

OK, so the entire Bit.Trip series consists of six total games, but it's impossible to choose just one for the sake of this list. So instead, we wanted to commemorate the whole series. Each of the games in the Bit.Trip franchise combines effective visuals with rhythm-based gameplay to create an experience that's pleasing to the senses. It's easy to get lost in protagonist CommanderVideo's world as you explore the stars or run around beautiful environments. The retro style of Bit.Trip is sure to win you over instantly, and the gameplay in each title requires such focus and determination that it takes an extremely motivated gamer to get through all of the titles. Want to have a blast while listening to (and helping create) great music? Play the Bit.Trip games ASAP.

1. Cave Story (Studio Pixel, Nicalis)

After achieving much success on the PC as a freeware download, Cave Story established itself as one of the most well-known indie games. The game, which offers much heralded Metroidvania-style gameplay, made its way to WiiWare, offering optional revamped visuals and music in addition to a new mode that allows you to play as the popular heroine Curly Brace. Extras aside, Cave Story is a completely solid title worth the Wii Points. Sure, you can still grab this title off the internet for free, but after all the hard work that was put into Cave Story, it would be downright criminal not to support this amazing indie effort by buying it.

It can be a a hassle sifting through the digital shovelware that Nintendo's download service for the Wii offers. Those who do some digging will definitely find a slew of awesome titles worth downloading, many of which small studios developed. If you're an indie gamer looking for some quality fun on WiiWare, or someone who just wants to get in on the indie gaming phenomenon, be sure to check out and support Furry Legends, And Yet It Moves, World of Goo, the Bit.Trip series, and Cave Story.

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