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Top Five: Hideous Main Characters

It is definitely a risk for any developer to create a main character that is absolutely hideous. Whether they are a new species or a creation of the players, these characters are definite eye sores. However, creating the characters to be hideous gives them creative and unique feel that is hard to find in today’s video games. The characters listed below are hideous in appearance and still provide an enjoyable and thrilling experience for the player.

5. The Father- Nier

Apparently, developers in Japan think that a character change from a young teenager at his prime to a scar riddled man with an eye patch is what American’s want in their video games. With it being true for the most part, they certainly outdid many of the developers here in America. The Father is an odd hideous character and as you progress into the second half of the game, you probably would never have guessed that an eye patch would make the character less ugly.

4. Duster- Mother 3

Even as a small and pixelated character Duster is noticeably ugly when compared to the other main characters in the Mother universe. From his limp to his bad breath, Duster seems like the last person you would ever want to play as. When playing Mother 3 these features are mentioned by the townspeople and his loved ones on continuous bases. It sets him apart from being another predictable and shallow character that does nothing for the player. Even though, Duster is ridiculed and humiliated while in the heat of saving the world. It creates a charm for Duster that gamers are foreign to.

3. Tingle- Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Yes, people hate Tingle. But, it’s almost like a love/ hate relationship between him and the player. He is a 35 year old who is still waiting for his fairy to come to him because he is convinced that he is a kokiri child. What’s not to love about this guy when he is totally oblivious to reality and time? No matter how annoying and ugly Tingle may be for many Zelda Fans, he is still one of the most unique characters we have ever seen. He even has his own game that goes into greater detail about the origin of his crazy antics.

2. Munch- Oddworld: Munch’s Odysseys

Ever think that a creature is so hideous that it is almost cute? Munch is a creature that best describes this saying. What is more charming and cute then a hideous fish monster that uses a wheelchair to navigate through dry land. With his huge head that has an implanted sonar device and devious smile, he is a character that may be a hideous monster. But, he is a charming and hilarious character, which is a trait that is hard to find in many playable characters. Being the last of his species, I’m having a hard time deciding whether that’s good or bad.

1. Custom Characters

Never before have I seen a custom character that actually looks good in appearance. Most gamers will base their character on their own personal appearance, and no matter how many hours they spend on creating the character, it never turns out as planned. The best option for this flaw in the character creation is to create a character as hideous as possible. It will make you feel better about yourself in the process and it is better than seeing a deformed version of yourself playing through the game in its entirety. Even though the custom characters are hideous, it will still have a badass personality like John Shepard from Mass Effect.
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