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Top Five Ways to Ruin Your Sim's Life


Are you bored with the Sims you have created and goals that you just don’t care about anymore? GameZone has thought of five ways to entertain yourself again.

5. Pool of Eternity

What’s better than having your Sim work out all day and then take a nice dip in the pool? Just don’t let your Sim have all the fun. Invite the neighbors to come for a swim, too. It’s always better doing activities with a group of people.

4. Murphy, the Lady Killer

Remember all of those countless hours you spent trying to get married and all of the women or men you shared great relationships with? Of course you do, and now you’re sick and tired of little Miss Never Leaves. Treat yourself to a Murphy bed and let your spouse have first honors. Problem solved: the bed crushes your spouse. Enjoy the single life.

3. Clean or Die!

Are you tired of picking up after your Sims? Just stop taking care of the trash completely, and the problem will solve itself. Once a swarm of insects gathers around the garbage, they will depose of your filthy Sims in a timely and gruesome manner.

2. Alien Abduction

Gaze upon the stars and look for beings of another planet. Forget food or the bathroom---just look through that magical telescope until you get what you have been waiting for: a space ship that abducts you and takes you into the heart of darkness. After numerous “voluntary” tests, you are returned to your home. If you’re a male, you come back pregnant with an alien baby. Screw rearing an ugly normal baby with a woman. Have a green, levitating alien baby by yourself.

1. Live Together; Die Together

There's nothing like hosting a party to socialize with neighbors and impressing them with your superb cooking skills, especially when you have no experience and invite all of your enemies. Are your guests trying to leave during the heat of the party? Fear not, as all of the doors have magically disappeared and all you have to do is sit back and watch your neighbors frantically run around the house, looking for an exit.

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