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Top 5 Free-to-Play MMOs


Can't wait to dive into Cataclysm? Is the anticipation for The Old Republic killing you? Or, are you just bitter after the train wreck that is Final Fantasy XIV? The number of free-to-play MMOs is staggering, and finding the good ones is quite a challenge. Don't worry, my top five free-to-play MMOs will not only help you save some green, but also make sure you're getting top-notch gameplay and entertainment.

Vindictus I can't stop praising this MMO. Not only is it graphically impressive, but it is also the most action-packed titles available. Valve's Source Engine offers realistic physics so you can grab your enemy and throw him through a barricade as it crumble apart. Nothing is more satisfying than finishing off a monster by picking it up and breaking its back over your knee. The hack-'n'-slash approach will have you ripping and tearing your enemies apart in glorious real-time. Download it now.

Runes of Magic When it comes to World of Warcraft clones, you don't get any closer than Runes of Magic, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. From the graphics to controls and overall gameplay, Runes of Magic may be a copycat, but at least it emulates the right things. With the ability to play as Humans or Elves, access to eight different jobs and dual classes at level 10, and a constant stream of new content, this could very well take over as your next obsession.

The Lord of the Rings Online Turbine's Tolkien-inspired MMO began life with subscriptions, so you can expect a focus on quality content, rather than quests designed to nickel and dime. Not everything is accessible to frugal players, but there is more than enough content to experience without spending a single dollar. The Epic Quest Line, which unfolds as a series of books, adds a welcome layer of storytelling absent from most MMOs. It makes your character feel important, rather than being "just another player."

Dragonica If you're looking for a different kind of MMO experience, Dragonica is an extremely vibrant and colorful 2.5D sidescroller that makes use of real-time combat. Though the art style may come across as cute and cuddly, the gameplay is far from it. With flashy combos and chainsaw-swords, Dragonica is more akin to an arcade-style brawler. The chibi characters and vibrant locales don't exactly give off that heroic warrior vibe, but a few minutes of slashing through dungeons with your friends might make you a believer.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online MegaTen has a cult following on the consoles, but the franchise finally expanded to the world of MMOs, and the end result is a fascinating experience. Your role as a Demon Buster is to roam the land of a future Tokyo while befriending and battling the myriad of demons. It's a dark twist on the Pokemon formula, not to mention amazing fan service for fans of the MegaTen franchise. Even if you never heard of the series, but you find training and battling demons fascinating, don't hesitate to give Imagine Online a try.

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