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Top 10 Game Boy Games That Need the 3DS Treatment


With Nintendo promising a Virtual Console service for the 3DS, there's no denying the amount of nostalgia adopters of the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color are in store for. Gamers who never got to experience the handheld goodness that these portable platforms offered can now enjoy some awesome classics. Even more interesting is that Nintendo will allow gamers to play many of these games in snazzy stereoscopic 3D. What games are we most excited to see when the 3DS Virtual Console launches? Here are the top 10 Game Boy and Game Boy Color games that deserve the 3DS treatment.

10. Donkey Kong - Game Boy

Don't let the name of this classic gem fool you. Donkey Kong may share a number of similarities with the arcade cabinet of the same name, but this is a much more impressive version of the old school quarter muncher. The game starts off faithfully emulating the levels of the original Donkey Kong, providing a nice kick of nostalgia. After you get past the initial stages, however, you must guide Mario to a special key within each stage and unlock a door to progress. The game is a lot closer to the first Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and it's an entertaining puzzle platformer that desperately needs to see new life on Nintendo's latest handheld.

9. Mario Golf - Game Boy Color

When Mario Golf hit the Game Boy Color back in 1999, it garnered instant critical acclaim. The game featured addictive golf gameplay, with several elements making it resemble a golf sim, but the charm of the Mario franchise gave it a personality of its own. Mario Golf has been dubbed one of the best Game Boy Color games of all time, and as such, it's a given that this game should be remade for the 3DS. No doubt viewing the lush golf courses in magnificent 3D would be a sight to see.

8. Kirby's Dream Land 2 - Game Boy

When the original Kirby's Dream Land hit the Game Boy, it was lauded for its enjoyable platforming gameplay and adorable protagonist. Kirby's Dream Land 2 retained everything that made the first game so much fun, including the rotund hero's ability to inhale enemies and copy their abilities, which had been introduced in Kirby's Adventure for the NES. Kirby was also aided by three animal buddies, adding even more compelling gameplay. Kirby in 3D just seems like a cool concept, and what better way to kick off the pink hero's 3D debut than with a trip back in time?

7. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - Game Boy

Wario may have made his star debut in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, but he was first playable in Wario Land: Super Mario World 3. That game propelled the crafty Nintendo character, who later became one of the most popular antiheroes in all of gaming, to great heights. It did so by offering a platforming experience that differed greatly from the Mario formula. Wario Land should appear on the 3DS Virtual Console for historical purposes--and because it's an awesome 2D platformer.

6. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters - Game Boy

It's been 20 years since we last saw Pit from Kid Icarus in a game of his own. Until the launch of Kid Icarus: Uprising, the 3DS exclusive and return to form for the winged hero, why not enjoy some old school action-adventure gameplay with Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters? The game faithfully captured the magic of the first game when it appeared on the NES, but its mechanics were refined overall. Anyone who's a fan of challenging side-scrollers is likely to enjoy a 3D version of Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters.

5. Final Fantasy Adventure - Game Boy

Final Fantasy Adventure was known for changing the pace and switching things up considerably when compared to past entries in the series. Despite the change, the game was still able to captivate gamers, but in an entirely different capacity. To this day, the game is praised for its beautiful music and stellar action RPG gameplay. There's no doubt that Final Fantasy Adventure would be a great game for 3DS owners to have. And it would let newer Final Fantasy aficionados check out one of the earlier and more innovative titles in the series for the first time.

4. Metroid II: Return of Samus - Game Boy

When video game hottie Samus Aran returned for more intergalactic exploration in Metroid II: Return of Samus, she embarked an a journey that was far superior to her first space outing. Gamers were given a massive world to explore, and the game's story was incredibly gripping. The game's graphics were the focal point of the criticism geared toward the title, which makes this a perfect candidate for the 3DS Virtual Console, where a stereoscopic overhaul could do wonders.

3. Metal Gear Solid - Game Boy Color

One of the best games on the Game Boy Color is also part of one of the most respected franchises in gaming. When Metal Gear Solid launched on Nintendo's classic handheld, gamers were left in complete awe. The game managed to provide intense stealth gameplay, and it was considered a must-buy for owners of Nintendo's then-current handheld. There is absolutely no doubt that Metal Gear Solid would once again earn that merit if it landed on the 3DS Virtual Console and allowed players to toggle on some impressive 3D visuals.

2. Pokemon Red/Blue - Game Boy

Pokemon is one of the most recognizable franchises around. The series has continuously been a phenomenon, and every entry in the portable RPG series has managed to deliver quality turn-based gameplay and the addictive element of catching 'em all. Back in 1998, it didn't get much better than Pokemon. These days, one can argue that things haven't changed much. Pokemon is still hot, still loved, and still remarkably enjoyable and addictive. To commemorate the series' success, Nintendo would do well to re-release the original Pokemon Red Version and Blue Version on the 3DS Virtual Console. Just think: how awesome would battles look in stereoscopic goodness?

1. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons - Game Boy Color

Simply put, Nintendo needs to release The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for the 3DS Virtual Console. Considered by many to be the fitting finale for the Game Boy Color, these dual releases let gamers enter beautiful interconnected worlds, providing two of the most satisfying experiences on a portable gaming system. The Big N is already remaking a classic with Ocarina of Time 3D, so why not give another Zelda game a chance to shine in beautiful stereoscopic 3D? It is the 25th anniversary of the series, after all, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than by having The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons return to the handheld space once more--this time featuring impressive 3D effects. Make it happen, Nintendo. If not for us, then for the legacy of the world's most famous green tunic-wearing hero.

We're extremely excited to have the opportunity to play our favorite Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on the 3DS. Though we have no clue what Nintendo has in store for the download platform, we sure hope we get some of the best titles that hit the Nintendo handhelds of old. Any of the 10 titles mentioned here would be stellar additions to the company's retro download service. And for newer gamers out there, we really hope they get to experience the excitement of playing the classics listed here for the first time.

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