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Top Five PlayStation 3 Games of 2011


PlayStation consoles have always been known for having strong exclusive line-ups each year, and 2011 was no exception as far as the PlayStation 3 was concerned. We saw plenty of franchises make a return this year, and most of them provided incredible gaming experiences for PlayStation 3 owners. Here are the top five games of the year for Sony's current home console.

5. Resistance 3

You can argue that the co-op in Resistance 3 wasn't as fully fleshed out as it could have been. You can even argue that the main character probably wasn't as interesting as he should have been. Even with these minor complaints, Insomniac's Resistance 3 is still full of enough awesome moments to truly make it shine. It's one of the best shooters of the year, and the reason for that is because at the end of the day, it gets one thing right: The shooting in Resistance 3 is really awesome. Add to the rewarding FPS gameplay a bevy of stellar mechanics such as a leveling system, a gruesome tone, and a darker atmosphere than ever before for the series, and you've got a bloody good time.

resistance 3

4. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

The PlayStation 3 isn't as heavy on RPGs as its predecessor was, but there are still a few games in the genre worth watching out for. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is the PlayStation 3 RPG to play this year. Vibrant visuals, colorful characters, and terrific tactical RPG gameplay are just a few of the elements that make up Disgaea 4. There's so much to do, and the game is insanely deep, that you'll find yourself getting lost in its world for seemingly countless hours.

disgaea 4: a promise unforgotten

3. Killzone 3

As far as FPS games are concerned, Killzone 3 is one of the best of 2011. It's undoubtedly the best FPS on the PlayStation 3, and it gives several other entries in the genre a run for their money. While the single-player campaign has some fun and powerful moments, it's the online multiplayer that really shines here. The shooting mechanics in Killzone 3 are as close to perfect as you can get, and they really provide a grand online experience. The game may not have gotten as much attention as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3, but it really is up there with the best competitive shooters of the year. Oh, and it looks really, really nice!

killzone 3

2. InFamous 2

As good as the first inFamous was, its sequel manages to outshine it in every conceivable way. InFamous 2 looks, sounds, and plays better than its predecessor, and it gives you a story that you really care about. The decisions you make in-game are interesting enough that you'll want to play the game again just to see what happens if you do things differently, and the addition of user-created content really makes inFamous 2 a nearly limitless game. Add to that a magnificent open world to save or destroy, and you've got one hell of an action-adventure game in inFamous 2.

InFamous 2

1. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

There are games you talk about long after you've gotten through them. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is one of those games. Naughty Dog's latest entry in the Uncharted series offers a rich world, a smart character, fun shooting, and engaging exploration. Oh, and did we mention that Uncharted 3 is freaking gorgeous to look at? No, this is not a revolutionary game for the franchise, but it provides such a wonderful blend of gameplay, storytelling, and presentation, and it does so in prime fashion, that you'd be hard-pressed to find a better PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2011. If you have yet to take on Nathan Drake's latest adventure, we implore you to do so immediately.

uncharted 3: drakes deception

It's no secret that 2011 was a year rife with impressive sequels. We saw many great games raise the bar for their respective franchises, many of which were exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Resistance 3, Disgaea 4, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, and Uncharted 3 all managed to give fans one more ride through their respective worlds, and they did it arguably better than their predecessors.


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