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Top five excuses to give your loved ones for playing Diablo III

Diablo III - Auction House

Let’s face it. You took off work because you stayed up all night and morning playing Diablo III on launch day. You’re already addicted, but you can’t stay home all week because sooner or later your boss is going to find your incessant Facebook updates, figure out who this “Diablo” person is, and learn that you don’t have a sick uncle named Deckard Cain.

Your only choice is to rush home after work and head straight for the computer, but wait … you have that spouse… and those children… and they’re not going to like that. How do you fool them into thinking Diablo III is as good for them as it is good for you? Give them any of these five excuses, and you’ll be taking your dinner with demons.

1) You’re really making money

Thanks to the Auction House, you can actually earn real-world money by selling the goods you acquire in Diablo III. That means you can talk about gaming as if it were a second job. Just tell your loved ones you’re saving up to buy them a nice steakhouse dinner or a trip to Disneyland for little Johnny, and they’ll look at that game box like it’s their ticket to the good life.

Of course, the Auction House can work multiple ways, so you can buy items with your extra cash, too. Just don’t go promising your family lobster when you suddenly can’t afford to splurge on dinner at the local Burger King. They’re gullible, not stupid.

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