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Top Christmas Mods for Skyrim


For many of us, since 11/11/11, life hasn't been the same.  Skyrim is a game that absorbs every bit of you into its massive world.  I know people that have ignored friends and family, instead playing this game.

Now, the holidays are upon us.  Winter is in full swing for most of the country (that's right, here in Florida it's a blustery 75 degrees--get your hoodies out).  Christmas is a time for family and loved ones.  It's a time of togetherness.  So here are some Skyrim mods for Christmas and Winter, so you can add that holiday cheer to your game and continue to ignore those that care about you.

Santa Clause v0_1 Skyrim Mod

This mod replaces the iron helmet with Santa's hat, glasses, and white beard.  It also replaces fur armor with Santa's big, red coat.  As Santa, you can deliver presents to the good boys and girls of Skyrim.  If they were naughty...deliver pain and the cold edge of a steel blade.


Snow HQ Texture Skyrim Mod

Make the snow more realistic. 


Nicer Snowflakes (whimsical) Skyrim Mod

Hi-res snowflakes are actual snowflake shapes.  Not realistic, but gorgeous and magical to look at.



Nicer Snowflakes (realistic) Skyrim Mod

Again, hi-res snowflakes.  Instead of being snowflake shapes, they are ice shards instead of just white blobs.


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