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Top 5 Pokemon Theories

With the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we look back at our favorite Pokemon theories

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1. The origin of Cubone 

 Have you ever looked at a Kangaskhan's baby? The ones in the pouch? Look at his horns. Don't those look awfully familiar? That's because it's the same shape as Cubone's skull-hat, which is not a coincodence. 

"This catchable Pokemon is M', Missingno's sister. M' is actually a scrapped prototype of Marowak. This theory can be confirmed if you catch a M' and level it up, it evolves into a Kangaskhan."

There are a number of theories on how it would have worked, but basically, the baby Kangaskhan in the mother's pouch is supposed to be a baby Cubone pre-tragedy. This makes Cubone the first "evolution" after it's seperated from its mother. It would then evolve into a Marowak, and eventually into a Kangaskhan. This is actually less of a theory and more of a scrapped idea that was dug up from the game files. According to the Fan Theories Wiki, this was actually written into the game before launch, but was taken out because it was too dark for a kids game, and the lore was scrapped and Marowak was re-scripted to be the final evolution. The proof actually lies in another hidden component in the game: The "mid-tier" Marowak was actually moved to an unnumbered slot on the game's listing instead of being deleted. 

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