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Top 5 Pokemon Theories

With the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we look back at our favorite Pokemon theories

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2. What is Wabbuffet?

What is Wabbuffet? Well, the simple answer is he's the the patient pokemon: A blue, wobbly pokemon with a black tail with eyes. He's patient because he never initiates attacks and only retaliates.

The more complicated answer is: Wobbuffet is that small, black tail with eyes and the loud, wobbly blue figure is his decoy. In his description across multiple games, his small black tail is mentioned, as well as a counter attack using his pumped up "body". It's said that he hides in dark caves to hide his tail and that he can't endure attacks on his tail, causing him to counter attack if it happens, which implies that attacks on his blue portions don't bother him much. This must be because it's just a punching bag used to distract predators from the important part of Wabbuffet: The sentient tail. The fact that both Wynaught and Wobbuffet have a tail with eyes shows that it's important, along with its recurring mention in the pokedex. The "punching bag" also always has it's eyes closed, implying that maybe it's just an artificial face.

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