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Top 5 PC games of 2016

This was a good year for strategy lovers.

The gaming year of 2016 is coming to a close and the time has come to rank the best games that were released on PC this year, a tough task indeed.

Every PC player that loves strategy games probably had a blast in 2016, it was a pretty great year for that genre. This year alone saw the release of X-COM 2, Stellaris, Total War: Warhammer, Hearts of Iron IV, and Civilization VI. There were also a lot of great AAA titles like DOOM, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Even a number of indie games hit it big on PC. The question is, what games were the five best of 2016?

Check out the list below to see what five PC games we here at GameZone thought were the best of 2016, what the best DLC was, what this year's surprise hit was, and what game deserved an extra honorable mention.



The re-awakening of the DOOM franchise took the world by surprise. Many were skeptical towards how a new DOOM game would fare. Yes, the original DOOM games were classics that shaped the FPS genre,  but how would a new DOOM do and what would it bring to the table? Well, it turned out to be one of the best FPS games of 2016.

The new DOOM re-invented its own franchise with higher paced gameplay, more metal music, and more gore filled action. The Video Game Awards had DOOM in the running for the Game of the Year and while it didn't win that award, it did win the award for best audio. With DOOM, the developers decided to not add all of modern gaming’s features like magic regenerating health, all to give the game its own unique feel. DOOM is the perfect example of what game developers should do with nostalgia.  

It is only fitting to have a game as great as DOOM on our Top 5 list, after all, it is the franchise who shaped PC gaming.

4. X-COM 2


Firaxis had their tentacles in two of these great strategy games this year, X-COM 2 being one of them. X-COM 2 can be a hardcore strategy game - even on the lower difficulties. It has a steep learning curve, but that doesn't take much away from the game - it is amazing. X-COM 2 puts players in charge of defeating the world from invading alien forces and it is done magnificently. X-COM 2 is not the kind of game that holds your hand, it forces the player to figure almost everything out on their own.

X-COM 2 does a great job of putting the player in control while not really being in control. Players control the soldiers, customize them and placing them, but it is still up to the individual soldier to hit his target (or up the how the dice roll), something which feels really great.

X-COM 2 is a great and deep strategy game in a year with a whole lot of great and deep strategy games, it takes something extra to stand out from the others.

3. Stardew Valley

stardew vallet

Some of the best games aren't always the most action-packed, sometimes they can be a little bit slower, like the farming RPG Stardew Valley.

At first sight, the spiritual successor of Harvest Moon might not look like anything special, but this is the first time since the SNES release that any game has managed to hit this spot that Harvest Moon managed to hit all those years ago.  Stardew Valley that took the already established formula and perfected it.

The game is mostly based around farming and dungeon crawling might not sound super exciting, but this is a “you have to experience it for yourself” kind of game. There is no one way to build the best farm in Stardew Valley. What this title provides is options, there are a whole slew of options on what to do next, how to do it, and why you should do it.

Stardew is a calm safe haven where you can just play and enjoy yourself. You have to try it yourself but this is definitely one of the best games this year.

2. Overwatch


Like the game or not, Overwatch is a great multiplayer game and it has become this year’s multiplayer behemoth with its large character roster, many maps, and balanced games modes. It is relatively easy to pick up and play, but Overwatch still has a deep competitive side it. Overwatch is a great mix of casual fun and competitive action and Blizzard got everything right with Overwatch, like Blizzard usually does with any game they produce.

Blizzard is supporting the game by working on keeping Overwatch balanced and fresh with both bigger and smaller updates. So far, no content update has been paid DLC, everything new in terms of maps and characters has been free.

Honestly, it is Overwatch we are talking about, do I really have to explain why this grabs the number 2 spot on our Top 5 PC games of 2016 list? It probably even one of the most successful, influencing, and talked about games this year.

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