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Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close – it’s important to reflect on what this year has brought us.

Blessings, hardships, and everything in between – 2016 is certainly one to remember. A testy presidential race, celebrity darlings passing away much too soon, and history-defining moments around the globe have shaped this year into one for the books.

But we’re not out of the woods yet. Until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2016 can still bring plenty of surprises. With that in mind, we thought it’d be interesting to figure out which video games perfectly describe the year that is 2016.

5. Overwatch/Battleborn

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

I know these are two separate games, but hear me out.

Both titles are first-person team-based shooters vying for the votes of the same audience. Released just weeks apart, both games looked like they contained similar mechanics, but one comes from a distinguished line of gaming, while the other broke its way into the scene thanks to its ability to push the boundaries.

Sound familiar?

Overwatch and Battleborn capture the landscape of the 2016 presidential election. While Overwatch won most of the critical praise, Battleborn also has its staunch supporters. Ultimately, only one game succeeded, but I doubt it caused as much a ruckus as the Clinton/Trump rivalry.

4. Hitman

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

2016 struck hard when it came to noteworthy deaths. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Prince – the list is maddening. No doubt someone near and dear to your heart was likely taken by the relentless angel of Death.

Hitman is a game that captures this tragedy quite well. You play the cold, merciless clone known as Agent 47, taking down your targets in any way you see fit. Some missions come in the form of elusive targets, which have a limited window for players to strike, but when you hit, you hit hard – just like 2016 has hit our beloved heroes.

Some our favorite celebs/artists may have died from natural causes, but others may have been taken due to unforeseen circumstances.


You be the judge.

3. Doom

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

If you are on the losing side of some of this year’s biggest votes like Brexit or the presidential elections, chances are you feel like your world is falling apart.

Doom captures this feeling of terror and dread as the armies of Hell overtake the colonized planet of Mars. At times relentless, everything in the game is trying to kill you. Kind of like how you feel about 2016.

It may seem like the world turned its back on you, but hopefully, somewhere out there, there's a Doom-guy waiting to save us all from destruction.

Doom also reminds us that as bad as things may seem, it can always be worse ... right?

2. Mighty No. 9

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

As many highs as there were in 2016 – there were many, many more lows. Mighty No. 9 is the ultimate feeling of disappointment.

Announced as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the game was supposed to be the spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise thanks to the leadership of Keiji Inafune. Unfortunately, Mighty No. 9 encountered several delays and bad PR ahead of its launch, losing the interest of its target audience.

Once it finally released, the game was so boring and joyless – it was a spectacular letdown – kind of like 2016.

1. Dark Souls III

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

2016 doesn’t care about your feelings – and neither does Dark Souls III.

If 2016 has proven anything, it’s that life will beat you to a pulp. There is no better lesson in this than trying to make a run in Dark Souls III. The game lavishes in the fact that it is mind-numbingly difficult. However, a patient and competent gamer can overcome almost any encounter if they utilize the right strategy and timing.

Dark Souls III teaches you that even with life’s hardest hits, valuable experience and a staggering amount of patience helps you overcome any challenge – even if every monster is trying to pummel your corpse into the ground.

Honorable Mention: Civilization VI

Top 5 games that perfectly describe 2016

A game about creating your own historical events? Sounds like 2016, alright.

The popular strategy series returned this year with colorful characters and deep gameplay mechanics. Build your city up from a small tribe into a bustling territory, but along the way, there are plenty of question marks. Notably, Civilization VI contains plenty of unpredictability, just like 2016.

It’s one of the facets that makes the game so exciting. Learning to deal with erratic situations can go a long way in life.

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