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Top 10 reasons Elder Scrolls Online is completely unnecessary

People love MMOs. It's a genre that appeals to gamers casual and hardcore, and oftentimes these games even manage to get the attention of individuals who don't even care for video games at all. So that's why it would seem that an MMO based on the universe of The Elder Scrolls would be a no-brainer ... except it's not. When you really think about it, The Elder Scrolls Online is kind of unnecessary for, like, 23 reasons. Here's a list of the top 10 (because 23 is a weird number for a top list).

People are still playing Skyrim

Like so many other gamers, I've invested several hours into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Despite the fact that it seems as though I've dug deep into the experience, I know I've just barely scratched the surface of what that game has to offer. Are Skyrim fans really going to jump at the opportunity to play Elder Scrolls Online when they've still got so much left to uncover, explore, and experience in the beautiful land that Bethesda crafted for them? Probably not.

No one seems to care

This guy doesn't care about The Elder Scrolls Online.

I personally have not met anyone who's stoked about playing Elder Scrolls Online. And while I'm well aware that that's just within my personal social bubble, I also haven't read any blogs, forum posts, or articles where the authors stated that they were particularly looking forward to the upcoming MMO. While Bethesda's ambitions are certainly respectable, it doesn't seem as though anyone really cares to play an Elder Scrolls MMO..

I'm certain there are a handful of gamers out there who really want to check out Elder Scrolls Online, and that's cool for those three individuals. Ask yourselves something: Do you or many of the people you know really want to invest the time into an Elder Scrolls MMO?

The genre is oversaturated

The color in this picture is oversaturated, just like the MMO genre.

People always say the first-person shooter genre is too saturated with games for new IPs to succeed. While there's certainly truth behind that statement, if there's one genre that whores itself more, it's the MMO. Because a lot of these games are free to play and offer micro-transactions, we constantly see new entries in the genre popping up, even more so than FPS games. People everywhere are constantly talking about how they play a random MMO because it's free, or how they like to quest with people they meet in the online game they're currently playing. And if those stupid prepaid MMO cards that you see at Target and GameStop are any indication, it's obvious there are already an ass-load of free-to-play MMOs.

Elder Scrolls Online is entering an overly saturated genre, and while it does have credibility in its name, that doesn't mean much if everyone who digs MMOs is already playing one of the countless other titles that we see constantly popping up online.

MMO fans don't want to pay for yet another subscription

Are you an MMO fan? Do you enjoy free-to-play MMOs that you can sink time into and invest small increments of cash in? Or are you perhaps a World of Warcraft player? Do you shell out the cash for the monthly subscription fee? If so, why the heck would you want to start investing in yet another MMO, especially if it means it will cut into your time with the other game you're playing? Think about all of the time MMO fans spend leveling up their characters, joining communities, and questing. I highly doubt people who are already engaged in an MMO experience will care to pay for another one.

Dawnguard is still a thing, remember?

If you've already done everything Skyrim has to offer and you've got a hankering for more Elder Scrolls goodness, you've still got Dawnguard to look forward to. While details are scarce on what exactly the upcoming Skyrim DLC will entail, it's more than likely that it will be a nice pile of even more gameplay content to keep gamers questing and exploring. I doubt Bethesda would make such a big deal over DLC if it was just going to add weapons, characters, and items to the game. No, this DLC is the real deal, and it's going to add loads more to do in the amazing world of Skyrim.

And with Dawnguard due out this summer, gamers will get that Elder Scrolls fix fairly soon. And that brings me to my next point ...

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