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Top 10 luckiest kills in shooters

Lucky kill

With every title that offers a competitive multiplayer component comes inevitable lucky kills. Launching a tomahawk randomly and hoping it kills someone turns out to be, on some occasions for the lucky players, true. Or take the example of snipers: you could easily achieve a headshot, which, incidentally, leads to several other kills due to the bullet penetrating the initial victim’s head into other player’s heads behind him.

GameZone takes a look at the top 10 luckiest kills in shooters.

#10 - Tomahawk ricochet

Throwing a tomahawk into a house during a multiplayer round of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the weapon ricochets off the wall, then off the bottom bunk, then hitting the underside of the top bunk’s mattress and then finally hitting the player.

#9 - Grenade tactic

Throwing a grenade into a wall and hoping for the best, a Call of Duty: Black Ops’ player’s reading of an opponent (via the map) is correct, leading to the death of the player via said grenade.

Zak Islam
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