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Top 10 games to get for your PlayStation TV

Give this little guy a chance!

Top 10 games to get for your PlayStation TV

The PlayStation TV, or the Vita TV as I prefer to call it, is a neat little Microconsole. While it hasn't taken off in the US as much as I'd hoped it would, it provides a unique gameplay experience by letting you play great Vita games on your TV. Sure, you can also use it for Remote Play and play your PS4 from another room entirely, but you'd be robbing yourself of some great gaming experiences if that was its sole purpose in your household. The Vita after all has a great selection of games that are even better when played on your big screen TV. It also allows you to play a bunch of classic PS1 and PSP games as well. And if you don't own a PS3, the PSTV will be your cheapest solution to replaying those PS1 classics.

So without further ado, let's look at the best games to get on your PlayStation TV

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Modeled after the highly successful anime TV show, Sword Art, Hollow Fragment explores a sidestory and a what-if scenario, that would have happened after the first major arc of the first season. The characters aren't stuck in the world of SAO anymore, but rather, continue to explore the tower of Aincrad.

The game is as fully featured as any MMO I've seen, even though it's mostly a single player experience. The world is massive, and the number of quests is staggering. There is even a rather complex system of befriending and romancing other NPCs, which not only strengthen their bonds but also makes them much more efficient in combat.

You can easily sink over a 100 hours into this game and still have tons to do. If you previously enjoyed games with simulated MMO experiences like .Hack, then SAO should be right up your alley.

Suikoden I & II

Suikoden 2

The games have most recently become available on PSN, allowing gamers who never got to experience the originals on PlayStation 1 to play through them for the first time, or allow veterans to revisit these classic and amazing RPG games. While Suikoden II is highly regarded as the better game, fixing a lot of the tediousness that was present in the first game, it would be a shame if you skipped over the first one, especially since it's only $5.99.

Both Suikoden games put you in the shoes of a hero who must amass an army of 108 stars. In each case you get your own base of operations, which gradually becomes more populated as you recruit more people to your cause. With engaging characters, a fantastic soundtrack, and fun combat system, RPG enthusiasts shouldn't miss out on these classics.

Final Fantasy I - X

While browsing through the PSN store, it dawned on me that I can actually play through the entirety of the Final Fantasy catalogue up to FFX-2 on my PSTV (save for Final Fantasy III for some reason). Final Fantasy Anthology, Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2 are all available to download straight to your PSTV.

Whether you're a fan who has already plowed through these games in the past, or on the other side of the spectrum and you're diving into these games for the first time, what a treat to actually play through what's considered the Golden Age for Final Fantasy. It might be a pricey endeavor, but if you systematically buy them and beat them, that should easily spread your investment across a few months at least.

Persona 4 The Golden

Persona 4 The Golden

Have you guys heard of the Persona 4 Golden Box? Oh, you didn't realize that was the unofficial name for your PlayStation TV? Oh yeah. If you own a PSTV, and you have even the slightest interesting JRPGs, then Persona 4 The Golden needs to be on it.

Whether it's the gorgeous anime visuals, the fantastic soundtrack, the likeable and relatable characters, the fun combat system, the visual novel elements, the dungeon exploring, or whatever minute detail you choose to praise, this game is the complete package. Don't do yourself another day of disservice by not playing the best game on the Vita, and by that extent, the PSTV, buy it now! Or wait for a sale, I swear, this game is always on sale.

Freedom Wars

The Monster Hunter genre is alive and well, and many studios are trying to capitalize on it, yet to try to change it up by giving it a distinct flavor. While normally this spot would be reserved for what is easily the best game on the Vita for that genre, Soul Sacrifice Delta, but since that game isn't yet compatible with the PSTV, considering Freedom Wars the next best thing.

Its setting is phenomenally realized, and you'll constantly be at war with other Panopticons (faction headquarters) that are located all around the world. You can align yourself with any of them, and then complete missions to further their cause. It has fantastic combat and traversal elements that make it a joy to play. This is one game that's easily best experienced on your flat screen TV.

Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth

Originally a Wii exclusive, this Vanillaware game finally saw a rebirth on the PlayStation Vita, and now it's luckily supported by the PSTV, meaning you can experience its fantastically fast paced combat with sword collecting and evolution on your TV.

The game allows you to play as two very distinct characters with separate storylines that intertwine with one another. However, what's even cooler is that the game has a few DLC packs that not only add brand new characters to play as, but entirely new story campaigns to go through. If you're a fan of Metroidvania-lite games with some fantastic art, Muramasa Rebirth is the game to play.

Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

This PSP game was always on the top of my list as one I'd love to see remade for consoles. While that never happened, at least being able to play it with a console controller and on my TV, is the next best thing.

This Final Fantasy Fighting game doesn't conform to traditional fighting game mechanics. Instead, it relies on freeform combat, allowing you to fly around each arena, dealing damage to one another, until you're able to fire off a special attack, dealing damage to the enemie's overall health pool. It's fast and stylish, and contains a wide cast of both heroes and villains from the very early Final Fantasy games, all the way up to 13, with Lightning herself making an appearance.

Half Minute Hero

half minute hero

Ever saved the world from an evil sorcerer in under 30 seconds? Well now you can! This PSP game did get an HD remake as well as a sequel on the PC, but the original still stands true as one of the most unique bite-sized RPG games to date.

You're basically tasked with stopping evil forces in under 30 seconds. Of course you'll have the option to continually turn back time to help you level up, gain better weapons, and buy some items, but all of that comes with increased gold costs.

There are also different modes with completely new gaming mechanics. One that plays like an RTS, another that plays like a Shoot 'em up, and another that plays like an action game. If you enjoy off beat games with silly premises with a slight affinity to RPGs, give Half Minute Hero a try.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X / Mega Man X4/X5

I still hold the original Mega Man X game for the SNES close to my heart. With that said, I very much enjoyed the PSP remake of that game, and what do you know, it's also compatible for the PSTV!

The much later sequels that appeared on the original PlayStation, Mega Man X4 and X5, are also available, and certainly should be missed. Both of those titles also feature the fan favorite, Zero, who completely changes up the gameplay by focusing on his melee based Z-Saber.

The 3rd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Lastly, this is a rather underappreciated game for the PSP, that certainly deserves a second look on the PlayStation TV. It's a sequel to the lesser known Parasite Eve series, but plays like a third-person action game.

It's a unique shooter game where you can inhabit anyone on the battlefield with a technique called Overdrive. Need to inhabit that sniper that's on that elevated platform? Overdrive into him and then take out your enemy.

The game is much better experienced with a controller, making it the perfect candidate to live on your PSTV.

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