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Top 10 anime and manga series based on video games


When a great game comes to an end, you either start a new one or scour the internet for more like what you just experienced. It's a common phenomenon. Maybe you look for fanfiction or some sort of additional content like developer interviews or any type of media that might give you insight into the events that may unfold after your time in that world has come to an end. Or perhaps you're not one to consistently enjoy video games, but do enjoy the characters or stories. No matter the case, there's a simple solution: choosing anime or manga based on the content instead. There's a veritable treasure trove of fantastic choices out there, and if you're looking to further immerse yourself in some of the best tales around, we've chosen ten optimal series/manga for your to start with, no matter what you're into. Trust us.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Volumes 1 and 2 (Manga)

Ocarina of Time

This two-volume release is a retelling of one of the most timeless Zelda titles of all time, adapted by two-woman manga-ka team Akira Himekawa, S. Nagano and A. Honda. While it doesn’t adhere strictly to the tale woven in the time-spanning adventure, it’s a gorgeously illustrated annotated look at a game that plagued many a childhood. Purists may find one roadblock, however: Link is now sporting a voice and some very charming dialogue. It does add an entirely new dimension to the familiar story, though, so it’s an acceptable change, and one that’s easy to digest. Some of the creative liberties may not mesh well with the Zelda universe, but this manga explores Link as if he were the typical shounen hero, and if you’re a Zelda fan you should find a quick, compelling read in these two installments. If you like what you read, you can collect several other of Link’s adventures, too, including Majora’s Mask.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Manga)

Phoenix Wright

Kenji Kuroda and and Kazuo Maekawa reunite fan favorites Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey in an all-new collection of cases in the “official” Phoenix Wright manga translation. If you’ve been hankering for the crime-solving drama of the original DS installment, then you’ll eat these new complex turnabouts up. Sharp, quick-witted writing perfectly complements the personalities of your favorite heroes from the game. If you’re longing for more Phoenix and Maya you really can’t go wrong here.

Kingdom Hearts II (Manga)


Though the original Kingdom Hearts manga series was an impressive companion to the game, just like the sequel improved upon Sora’s journey tenfold, the second manga series follows suit. Both Shiro Amano’s writing and illustrations are more clearly defined and readers unfamiliar with the games and popular characters can jump right in with no prior knowledge. The multi-volume series is a strict retelling of the events that unfold in the game and the story deviates much less than the Ocarina of Time adaptation, so if actually playing left you in the dark, you should be much more satisfied here.

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