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Today's top 10 tweets from the gaming industry - 5/7/12

What did you miss about video games today? What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about? I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it. Also, we've gotten a few submissions from fans that have been retweeted by developers, publishers, or other gaming journalists; so as long as I have one to put up, I'll include a fan submission too.

So Cinco de Mayo kicked my a**, so don't expect me to put a lot of effort into today. I'm not as young as I used to be...



I think The Dark Knight Rises will do really well. However, will it do as good as The Avengers? No. It's not because it won't be as good of a movie; it's because The Avengers is more appropriate for the whole family to go to. The Dark Knight won't be jokey or have comedic parts.



Yea, if you haven't been used the Operation Sports-created roster. Harper's hitting hasn't been that great, but he's been a huge spark on the basepaths and in the field. Who would've thought that the Nationals would finally be good?



This is the photo, and be warned: it might be the best thing you've ever seen.


Yea, I'm gonna need some alone time now.



Okay, listen people. This is getting out of control. I don't need the daily countdown of how many days til E3. The calendar on my iPhone tells me just fine. KThanksBai.



This is the only instance that I don't mind E3 showing up on my Twitter feed.



Hideo, if you guys are hiring...



My guess is it got married.



If this is the launch lineup, it sucks. Sorry to say it. The two biggest games on the list are games I've already played or will have already played on consoles already out. And there's like three or four party games — again with the party games Nintendo?



This makes a ton of sense to me. I usually put a snarky note in that it was edited for a certain reason.


Tweet of the Day


Today's Tweet of the Day goes to the wonderful Felicia Day. Her FLOG series on YouTube is my favorite thing in the world right now. She's sooooo fun. Okay, I have a little bit of a crush. For her sake, I hope she never meets me in person. Anyways, in this video she shows off a Steampunk clothing company and photoshoot she did. Make sure you check it out and follow her on Twitter @feliciaday.


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