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Today's top 10 tweets from the gaming industry - 5/1/12


What did you miss about video games today?  What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about?  I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it.  Also, we've gotten a few submissions from fans that have been retweeted by developers, publishers, or other gaming journalists; so as long as I have one to put up, I'll include a fan submission too.

Oh, and by the way, I'm going crazy from the amount of rain we've been receiving in south Florida. I thougt April showers were supposed to bring May flower — not May "Holy crap my ceiling is dripping water on my PS3!" Cut it out mother nature. You're pissing me off.

And the video? Because I can.


If you could see how excited I am right now... I'm so excited that my jeans are uncomfortable. The supposed villain in J.J. Abram's Star Trek 2 is Khan. I can't wait to see what they plan to do with the character. I'm so happy!



I'm not going to buy a Nintendo Wii U with this generations capabilities when a new PlayStation and Xbox will be coming in a year or two with next-gen features. $300 to have one awesome controller and a bunch of Wii remotes. F that noise.


... Really? Did anyone not see November as a release date? Since Call of Duty 3, every CoD has been released between November 6 and November 11. Stop acting surprised people. Also, I'll make the prediction that the CoD release for 2013 will be released around the same time. And the one after that.


What. The. F**k. Only women can go to this level of crazy over a breakup. You wanna know how guys deal with breakups? Watch Swingers. That's how guys deal with it.


O' Brother (where art thou), start the MW4 rumor train now.


I didn't read the article, because, frankly, tween girls and I don't have a lot in common when it comes to gaming. But the more people that play games, the better.


Because that's just the place I want to be reminded how much bigger IGN is than GameZone. #YoVideoGames


I've never had a tweet make me laugh to the point where I required a change of pants — until now.


Yes. I follow Ted on Twitter. It looks hilarious and I don't care what you think. His tweets are hilarious. Best hashtag ever.

Tweet of the Day

tweet of the day

Our Tweet of the Day goes to Max Scoville (who you should all be following, by the way: @MaxScoville). Ian Miles Cheong tries to find a political movement or something to complain about in everything. I get it — it's his thing. But it can come off annoying at times. It's just, I think videogames are supposed to be celebrated, and Ian can come off as the Fox News "scare you into reading" approach. Not everything is a conspiracy theory or some big controversy. It makes you look like an elitist, and a lot of gaming journalists like this come off as entitled. However, sometimes I do agree with him. Regardless, it's nice to see someone as big as Max talk like this to someone like this. I don't know if he's kidding or if he's serious, but it's still pretty awesome.

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