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Today's top 10 tweets from the gaming industry - 4/30/12


What did you miss about video games today?  What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about?  I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it.  Also, we've gotten a few submissions from fans that have been retweeted by developers, publishers, or other gaming journalists; so as long as I have one to put up, I'll include a fan submission too.

Oh, and about the video — Mondays suck.


I've heard and read about this 5k zombie run... AND IT SOUNDS AWESOME! I would so do this if they came to south Florida. I mean, I'd pass out after 300 yards or so, and I'd just let the zombies consume me at that point, but I'd still do it. Now a 5k zombie drive? I'd own that sh*t.


This can't be true. It's impossible. Cwutididthere?


Rule #34. If it exists, there is porn of it.


SOPA. CISPA. Damn it to hell. I mean, Notch should get money off of what he worked hard for, but it's good that he holds pirating over internet censorship.


Oddly enough, Ben PerLee's Twitter profile picture pretty much sums up my response to his tweet.


I think that all of them are wonderful changes. Anything to help Veigar or Annie 2-shot me sounds perfect!


By the way, here's the logo:

brooklyn nets

So what do I think of it? I think they're still the Nets. They'll be the Keith Van Horn of the NBA forever. They'll trade away 1st round picks for mediocre players. They have a cocky Russian owner that reminds me of the guy from the DirecTV commercials. A logo and a move to Brooklyn isn't going to change that. Oh, and they'll never steal loyal Knicks fans.


Now if there were more games worth playing...


So, here's the picture:


I don't know whether to think it's adorable or burn it with fire.

Tweet of the Day

tweet of the day

Our Tweet of the Day goes to Bill Murray... and I'm not even sure it's his real one. It doesn't have the little verified symbol next to it, but I don't care. This tweet is hilarious.

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