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Titanfall's beta is an excellent example of social media marketing

Titanfall's beta is an excellent example of social media marketing

Titanfall is now accepting applications for their upcoming beta, which begins tomorrow. You probably heard about this from publisher Electronic Arts or developer Respawn Entertainment. If not there, then maybe a fine and reputable website like us here at GameZone.com. Not us? Then maybe you saw a Facebook post from one of your friends; or perhaps a dozen of your friends.

A common post on my Facebook feed this week is a link to the Titanfall beta page and the words “join me in the beta.” It was so common that I heard about the beta more on Facebook than I did anywhere else. The news post would eventually become lost in the shuffle on various websites and I have yet to see a single ad anywhere I look. Trust me, I’m searching. Nowhere to be found on any websites, though they were there’s a chance they’d be censored by Ad Block. As for TV, I’m not having any luck either. I’ve yet to see a single commercial for anything Titanfall related on ESPN, Comedy Central, NBC Sports Network, TBS, FXX, or USA. I’m sure that will change leading up to the game’s official release, but isn’t it interesting that there’s virtually no advertising being done for the biggest beta event of the year?

Instead, we’re doing the advertising for them. We’re talking about the game before having even played it, something we’ve been doing since its reveal at E3. Now we’re talking about the game’s beta before it even begins. If you think there’s a lot of chatter going on now, oh boy, you’re in for a treat when the Titanfall is playable and people are streaming Titanfall on Twitch. People will rave about the game, brag about how they’re playing it on their special Titanfall controller. They’ll talk about how they can’t wait to play the game on their brand new Titanfall branded Xbox One.

Boy, I said Titanfall a lot, just like my friends are. Just like my friends will be this weekend as they brag about playing the game while snapping Netflix and watching the new season of House of Cards. Who needs fancy smancy web ads and expensive TV spots when you have people doing the selling for you?

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