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Threes in Snap Mode on Xbox One? Sign me the hell up

Threes in Snap Mode on Xbox One? Sign me the hell up

We rightfully scoffed when it was announced that Threes could be coming to the Xbox One. This was before we found out that support for Snap Mode is being developed.

Well then, this changes everything.

The ability to play Threes while you, say, catch up on your Netflix backlog, wait for multiplayer matches to fire, or sit through unbearably long cutscenes in video games, is pretty damn nifty. Of course, this begs the question: “why can’t I just play Threes on my phone? It accomplishes the same thing.”

This is true, though there’s one thing to consider: you may not always have your phone at the ready. Perhaps it’s charging, or maybe you don’t own a phone capable of playing Threes; a friend of mine still owns a BlackBerry. Don’t worry, we give him a hard time for it.

There’s also the possibility that people could stream Threes. While this sounds crazy in theory, I’d really like to know how people manage to get scores in the triple digits. Currently, the only viable search for a Threes broadcast on Twitch is from PAX East, when the “Threesus” robot made by Team Colorblind was outsmarting us all.

Do we need Threes on consoles? Not quite, but it’s not like such a thing will be a bad thing. It has its purposes and wouldn’t necessarily be obsolete on day one. The key, though, is whether or not it’s viable to play with a controller.

Plus, I can’t play Threes on my Xbox One while I’m sitting on the toilet. I really like playing Threes while sitting on the toilet

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