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This video about Phil Fish will change your views on fame within the gaming industry

phil fish

I've never played Fez. I've never watched Indie Game: The Movie, but it is on my list of things to watch on Netflix. Even without having played/seen either of those, I am aware of all of the drama surrounding Phil Fish. 

A divisive figure, Phil has been attacked by people relentlessly throughout his career -- both with and without cause -- and has done attacking right back. People hate Phil Fish. But do they hate Phil Fish the person, or do they hate Phil Fish the concept? The Phil Fish that represents Indie famous?

That's the question that a 19-minute video essay by Innuendo Studios addresses. But it's about more than just Phil Fish -- it's about internet fame and the expectation we place on those people. I know it's 19 minutes, but I think it's a really important video to watch, and it could teach us a two or thing about the gaming industry, influencers, celebrities within the industry, and Phil. 

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

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