Things Microsoft needs to do at E3 to dominate

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In just a matter of weeks, this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will take place in Los Angeles, California, giving several gaming companies the opportunity to show what they’ve got in terms of new hardware and software.  Microsoft, content on focusing on the here and now with their current Xbox 360 console (in other words, no new hardware), is likely to focus more on the entertainment aspect of their system, rather than “blow away” software that will attract gamers.  Will that be enough to win E3?  Well, it really depends on the approach that they take.  With that, we have a few suggestions…

Get More Involved With the Kinect

When it comes to the Kinect, Microsoft’s motion-sensitive device, the company has done a good job producing software that really involves the player, including Kinect Star Wars (say what you want, it’s a hit with casual players) and Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure.  For E3, it really needs to push forward with even more experiences, stuff like a new Kinect Sports game (the series is popular) and other games, both XBLA and retail, which really provide great experiences for those to really take advantage of the system.  Here’s hoping we see a few original games and not just licensed fare like Kinect Disneyland Adventures… even though that isn’t half bad.

Robert Workman
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