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The Sights of E3 2011


Every year E3 is nothing short of a spectacle. Here are a few shots from the show floor to see what you missed.

DSC04099 Inside Skyrim booth

DSC04104 Bounty Hunter and Stormtrooper

DSC04102 Prey 2 helmet

DSC04129 It's Walter Day!

DSC04123 Take Shape demonstration

DSC04115 Ninja Gaiden 3, badass as usual

DSC04111 Final Fantasy Playarts

DSC04108 Final Fantasy Playarts continued

DSC04106 More FF Toys

DSC04094 Sonic 2 cover band

DSC04093 An online dancing game

DSC04092 Nexon's Dragon Nest

DSC04091 More Dragon Nest

DSC04084 Stormtrooper lookin' cool

DSC04075 War in the north concert

DSC04062 Dance Central 2 multiplayer

DSC04059 Classic Sonic statue

DSC04053 Cooking Mama being fancy

DSC04043 World of Tanks!

DSC04034 TOR Cinematic

DSC04000 TOR Booth

DSC04015 Giant Sonic overlooking E3

DSC04013 Gears 3!

DSC04012 Brothers to the end

DSC03993 Capcom booth

DSC03991 Playstation booth

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