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The Most Dangerous Grenades in Games


It's finally Jersday! In a few hours we get to witness what most may consider the downfall of society. If you take a step back and look past the drunken debauchery and late night hookups, you will see that Jersey Shore teaches us valuable lessons in gaming.

We take a break from all the GTL Gamescom news to bring you some trashy fun. It's time to sound the grenade horn, because we are bringing you some of the most deadly, powerful, and downright embarrassing grenades in gaming history. In no particular order, here's the grenades you should stay away from.

**Note: This list should be read with a glass of Ron Ron Juice in your hand for the full effect**

Plasma Grenade - Halo

Getting stuck with a plasma grenade in Halo is like getting stuck in the face by Ronnie on the boardwalk. 1 hit, son. That's all it takes for this grenade to knock you out of the game.

Flashbang - Call of Duty

The Call of Duty flashbang is described as a "device that blinds and deafens the target when detonated." That sounds awfully similar to the effects of clubbing at the Jersey Shore. The temporary blindness of the flashbang lasts just long enough for you to make a bad decision, similar to alcohol. The "ringing" sound it leaves after you've been hit with it is reminiscent of the ringing in your ears after a night of fist pumping at the club. Being struck by a flashbang will end in the same way as a night of clubbing: in your demise.

Bolo Grenade - Gears of War 3

Nothing is more embarrassing than hooking up with a grenade. In Gears of War 3, you'd like to avoid that as well. Gears of War 3, and the Bolo Grenade, teaches you the importance of having a wing-man to watch your back and make sure you don't wake up the next morning next to a hippo make sure you don't get "frag tagged". A frag tag is the term given when someone melees you with the bolo grenade equipped. For those hooking up with the grenade, it's the worst thing that could possibly happen. For the grenade doing the hooking up, it's probably the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Proximity Mine - 007 Goldeneye

Technically, this isn't a grenade, but Jersey Shore has shown us that landmines can be just as dangerous. Just because they're thin they wait for you to make the move doesn't mean they aren't dangerous. This Goldeneye favorite would explode if you merely walked by it, much like your eyes do when you pass by a landmine. Like a landmine in the club, the proximity mine sits against the wall waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting.

Semtex - Call of Duty

The semtex is the perfect example of Pauly D's stalker Danielle a grenade that sticks to the first surface/person it touches before exploding. If this sucker clings to you, it won't let go. The longer it lingers, the more chance of it exploding in your face, causing not only a death, but further embarrassment.

Learn from the mistakes of a few, and heed the warnings shown in Jersey Shore.

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