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The Monsters of TERA - Exclusive Pics


Halloween is right around the corner, making it the perfect occasion to reveal some of the creatures you'll encounter in TERA, the upcoming action-MMO from En Masse Entertainment. Enjoy the pictures, and if you like what you see, you can find more information at the official TERA website, or GameZone's preview and video interview.

Arachnae Only fools, or the very brave, venture into Vale of the Fang. Dangerous arachnen guardians watch over the vampir aristocrats and their dwellings.

Not all that glitters is gold—sometimes it's a vicious arachnen! An unwary adventurer faces a grim fate at its fangs.

Blood Creature No one knows for sure which creatures were used to create this abomination. Mindless slaves such as these guard the vampirs' lands with a fierce passion.

Part predator, part slave, the blood creature makes a terrifying foe!

Claws, fangs, and hooks—the blood creature rends and devours its prey without pity or remorse. Only the brave, or foolhardy, trespass on its territory.

Chaos Instructor Witch A chaos guide unleashes her arcane might on intruders. Foes like her make casual sojourns into Eldritch Academy dangerous.

This chaos guide means it when she says, “No talking in the library!”

Just because it's harvest festival doesn't mean she won’t behead you.

Hungry Vampir Henchman When a fighting vampir henchman like this one, worry less about the sharp trident it carries and more about the jaw full of sharp fangs in its belly.

These vampir henchmen once guarded the pathways of Poporia. Now, they've turned into ruthless predators.

Mutant Castanic Recruit Some things go bump in the night. This mutated castanic conscript goes bump, slice, and stab.

Formerly a proud castanic, now a walking abomination, this mutated castanic conscript mindlessly slays all in its path.

Shadow Instructor Witch This shade guide is one of the famed Witches of Vadoma, who have imparted magical instruction for centuries at Eldritch Academy.

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