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The Walking Dead Chapter 1: A New Day Walkthrough


The full game is comprised of five episodes and all them together make the whole game. The first episode has been released and the following is the walkthrough and video walkthrough for the first episode, we will update the new episodes as soon as they come out so watch out for them too.


Table of Contents

The Long Ride Home 
The Woods
In the Yard
Meeting Clementine
Hershel's Farm
Shawn or Duck
Welcome Home
Clementine Attacked
Motor Inn
The Girl in room 9
Doug or Carley
Chapter 8

Tips before you start


1) Keep clicking on everything that is clickable. This way Lee speaks his mind on the object or the surrounding and we get a better understanding of the situation.

2) Everything is around, so if you are missing something or cannot progress further then just look around carefully once more.

3) Always aim for their heads - you know whose heads.

4) Every dialogue can change the next phase of the game to a little extent and some change the game in a drastic way, so make sure you are click on the right choice and also replay the game and make the other choices just to see what would have happened if you had made the oter choice.

5) Sometimes, you can interact with an object or person in multiple ways, just scroll your mouse wheel to shift between the options.


Prologue: We see Lee in a Confined Car being shifted to a prison after attending a trial in Atlanta. Lee was accused of killing a State Senator when he caught the Senator sleeping with his wife, now as Lee is driven down to the prison, the cop makes small talk...

The Long Ride Home

When the cop asks you if you did it you can answer him in any way, but Silence is a Valid Option. You can talk to him or remain silent. Look into the rearview mirror (click on it) to initiate the next bit of dialogue. Choose anything and click on the mirror again, keep talking to him and he tells you of a man he drove once. You can choose to say whatever you wish since this will not have any bearing in the future and also, no matter what you say, you see yourself in the woods next because he was just talking too much - Damn.

The Woods

You can see a Shotgun behind the car here, click on it to make Lee speak his mind on it. Look to the window to the right of Lee and click on it to kick it down - you can scroll your mouse wheel to change the way your interact, you can think about it or kick it a few times to break the glass full then move forward using the walk button to move close to the window and you see a hand icon now, use it to climb out of the window then again move forward around the car.

Move to the right of the Shotgun and take the Shotgun Shells from the ground, you can't pick up the shotgub yet so walk forward close to the officer and then take his keys. Use them on your cuffs and pick the keys up if they fall down again and take off the cuffs. The officer wakes up in a bad mood now, move backwards till you get to the car and pick up the shotgun to your left, Lee loads it but is clumsy because of fear. Pick up the shells again and put them in. Unfortunately we need to relieve the good officer of his duties. Aim for the head and then look back to the right as you hear some noises out of the woods.

Chapter 2

In The Yard

Finally Lee gets out of their reach and has time to take a breather but we need to find some help soon if we're gonna survive. Move to the treehouse behind Lee and examine the tea set and the treehouse a few times till you see that there are no more dialogues. The tree house seems to be empty. Walk left and into the house and check the door. Go in, there's a lot of stuff to look at, start with the drawing to Lee's right when he gets near the kitchen. Then look at the fruits and examine the pool of blood on the floor. Walk past the blood and look in the drawer ahead to find a Walkie-Talkie. Go back and to the telephone now. Before listening to the messages on the phone, move to the left ahead and examine the remaining things here and go back to the phone.

After you listen to the messages, someone contacts you on the talkie. Speak to her and soon we have a killer zombie on our behinds. Keep clicking the Q button till the two arrows come close to the box in the middle then hit the E. You have to do this once again shortly. Kick the face of the Zombie and when you get to the door, grab the hammer from the girl and plant it between the eyes of the Zombie - give it a few shots - you know what they say about double tapping? well, just keep tapping here till you cannot anymore.

Chapter 3

Meeting Clementine

The child speaks to you again and you can decide to make it out in the daylight or seek refuge till night. Make your choice and the game plays out.

When it's time to go again, head for the gate and open it.

If you chose the safety of daylight then...

You meet two guys past the gate trying to get out as well. Talk to them and then help the guy push his car and we are finally out of here.

If you chose the cover of night....

Again, go past the gate but this time you are shot at... just speak to the people and you go to the same destination as the previous choice.

NOTE: When you choose daylight you meet two friends trying to get out of this place. If you choose night then you meet one of the friend and the other guy - Ched is a walker now.

Chapter 4

Hershel's Farm

You meet Hershel as soon as you stop in the farm. You can tell him that his boy was a lifesaver and he helps us by tying some bandage onto the swollen wound on Lee's leg then he extends his courtesy by mentioning the barn where we are going to bunk in at. His son comes over and mentions a plan about building a fence around the farm and then you go off to sleep.

The next day you are woken up by the other guy whose family was in the barn and he makes conversation.  After the cutscene is over walk over to the same guy whose working on his truck to the right of where you are and len him a hand. Ask him everything since he is going to be with us for a long time now. Then head straight the way Lee is facing around the house to where the work on the fence is going on and talk to Duck and take a look at the fence and wee can help Shawn who is working on the fence by cutting some wood.

After you are done cutting just go back to the barn you were sleeping in where Hershel is cleaning up - speak to Clemetine on the way there and then talk to the old man - it's going to be a long talk too.

Shawn or Duck

You suddenly hear screaming from the fence area and Duck and Shawn are in danger but you can choose only one person. If you choose to save Shawn then you need to push the tractor and give him a hand and if you decide to go for Duck then just try to pull him away. Either way you will be kicked out of the farm and Duck's father takes you to the next place in our journey - Macon.

Chapter 5
Welcome Home

You go to Macon then and things start to get bad really quick. Once you are inside the drug store with everyone, you start the conversation and it is going to be a long one and the conversation going on now will have a long term effect on the game. You can either support the fact that Duck was bit by a walker or you can support Duck and oppose the jumpy old coot. You get on the good side of Kenny if you get on the bad side on the old man and tell him to piss off. Kenny will help you out in the future since you have been showing an interest in his family and helping his son too.

Clementine Attacked

Anyway after the argument you will know if the boy was bit. The old man finally goes into a cardiac arrest and goes down (finally). Meanwhile, when Clementine goes to the pee-pee she is well... Just click on her when you fall down to run to her. After a while, all the things settle down and everyone is in their corners quiet again and we need to get some pills of the old man and another of the survivors metions a plan about going to the other side of town to fetch some gas.

After the cutscenes are over and the conversation is done, you are in control of Lee again. On the shelf behind Carley you can find a protein bar. Take it and give it Clementine first and speak to her. Speak to Carley about things and have a look at the radio. Turn the radio over and check the battery compartment and you'll know what the problem is. There's another energy bar on the shelf to the left of Lily and her dad. Talk to her now about everything and offer her this bar.

The first battery is to the right of where Clemetine is sitting on the ground below the shelf. The second battery is to the right of where Katja and Duck are sitting, they are on the shelf. Speak to Kenny first and we have a lot of talking to do to him. Go back to where Carley is sitting and give her the batteries. Then talk to her again and take the radio, turn it over again and open the battery compartment. You can see that she put them in the wrong way. Turn them around and close the compartment and open the antenna on top. Turn the radio around and switch on the power and we hear some news on the state of the world.

Now we can get on to our first order of business - pills for the old. Go into the room to the right of where Lily and her father are sitting. There are two important things in this room. First is the family photo which is beside the bloody mattres on the floor and the second is a remote which is in the drawer of the desk in this room - you need to interact with the drawer a few times before you can take the remote. After you have the remote, push the Drawer aside and Clemetine gets bruised. You can find a first aid kit to the right in this room itself. Now go to the office door to the left and you can see that it's closed an needs a key. Go back outside and speak to Carly again. If you did not speak to any of the people (leave Doug for later) then speak to them and after that, Clementine gets a distress call on her Walkie from Glenn.

Speak to Carly and ask her if she is ready to go out and then tell her that you are ready too and you then go out to the motor inn.

Motor Inn

You meet up with Glenn as soon as you get to the inn but another problem has popped up. There seems to be a woman who barricated herself in her apartment and the dead are right outside her door. After they decide to help her, Lee and the others are behind a low wall and you can make Lee see in three ways. First to the left where you see a Truck ahead you can move to and also more importantly a pillow closeby in front of you, take the pillow. If you look above you see a walker feasting and if you stick your head up for too long, he notices you. If you look to the right you see a car you can take cover behind so first move to the car to the right.

Now, look to the left of the car and use the pillow on the zombie which is here. You are still behind coveer so just look into the car here and take the spark plug from the seat and also do not forget to shift the gears so that the car moves when you push it. Push the car and watch the fun.

You are back to the second vhicle. Use the spark plug on th glass and Glenn has an idea. Use the plug again and reach for the Shiv inside the car on the seat. Now, look to the left again and move behind the wall you were first at. Look left from the wall again and walk to the truck infront of you. To the left of the truck is a zombie you can kill, catch it's attention and use the shiv when it gets close, kill the other one that comes too. 

Now you are over to the zombie which is stuck behind the car. Use the shiv on it and take the axe here. Go up the stais and kill the two zombies. 

The Girl in Room 9

Break down the door and speak to the person behind the door - know that whatever you choose the result will be the same. When you get back to the store, just talk to Glenn.

Chapter 6



Go see Doug after you have the TV remote, the Axe and also the picture. Agree and go outside with him. Notice all the stores ahead of you and also the trapped Zombie to the right. Firstly, use the remote on the TVs and the picture on the trapped zombie and finally the Axe on the Lock. Now, take the brick which is past the gate and throw it at the TV showroom and quickly run over to the trapped zombie and kill it. After getting the keys, go back to the Drug Store and go to the office. Use the key you just got on the office door and go in and all hell breaks loose.


Chapter 7

Doug or Carley

Help the people behind the door. The door keeps opening so you have to close it again. Each of them goes of to another place but you need to secure the door. After everyone leaves your side you get a qucik time even where you need to press Q continually till the bars come closer and then hit E.

You have to make a choice again on who you are going to save and these are never too easy. But since we do need to make a choice, pick one of the two people and then save Clementine from the zombie again. As you move out of this place some old rivalry starts to boil up.

Chapter 8


This chapter is mostly about talking to all the people we have around us. Just walk over to each of the people and they start conversation automatically. It seems that things are not going too bad for Lee and the gang since they decided to stick together. Lily takes an interest in Lee and her father totally despises him.  What happens to the gang? will they spilt or will they even survive the ordeal that is to come.... we find out that and more in The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help (releasing soon).

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