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The unannounced Mirror's Edge 2 should be on everyone's radar; here's why

Faith in broken mirror

With the recent Xbox One announcement, some folks are looking forward to the next generation of games, as well as what announcements could be made at E3. But one thing that managed to turn a few heads just a little while back is a posting over on Amazon's page for a certain sequel that's been hinted and rumored at for what seems like ages – Mirror's Edge 2.

Now, don't celebrate just yet. Electronic Arts hasn't said a word about the game, and we know that DICE has its hands full enough as it is, between this year's forthcoming Battlefield 4 (a franchise that's making its way into the next generation, for both PS4 and Xbox One) and its new Star Wars project. However, a retail listing does paint an interesting picture for E3, one where we could finally see the project confirmed…

Mirror's Edge 2 rumors have been making the rounds ever since the release of the original game back in 2008. At first, it was in production, but then held up when it wasn't selling as well as EA had hoped. But then talks began again, and an Easter egg for the game made its way into Battlefield 3 in the form of running shoes and audio sounding like they were coming from Edge's leading star, Faith.


When this popped up, fans everywhere began clamoring for Mirror's Edge 2, saying they would go nuts if the game was officially announced at E3 – even if it wasn't necessarily coming out this year. It was the kind of die-hard response to a game that hasn't even gotten confirmation yet, and it got me thinking – just what is it that has everyone clamoring for the return of Faith and her parkour ways?

There are a number of factors to consider…

There's simply no other game like Mirror's Edge

When the original debuted in 2008, Mirror's Edge immediately set itself apart from the pack.  It was a first-person game, sure, and you could do some shooting if that's what you preferred. But the fact is, it was all about the physicality of what you could do, and how well its parkour elements were implemented.

Crossing a beam, running alongside a wall, grabbing onto pipes, and even engaging in hand-to-hand combat and disarming someone – every single aspect came across as if a real person would do it, camera shakes and all. Even the jarring movement of falling off the side of a building and staying with your character the whole way down was unbelievable, compared to simply collapsing on the ground like in most first-person shooters.


Its style is unprecedented

DICE did an absolutely remarkable job creating a fantasy world with Mirror's Edge, even more so than with its previous efforts. You felt like you were truly engrossed in a futuristic setting, one where morals were brought into question. When you were running for your life, it literally felt like you had nothing to lose, and the slightest misstep could result in your demise. DICE really had this nailed down, and despite the game's short length – which could easily be corrected with a next-generation sequel – it was something we loved to experience again and again, even five years down the road.

It would work wonders with Frostbite 3

Frostbite 3 is DICE's latest engine technology, and it's damn impressive based on what we've seen so far in Battlefield 4. But it wasn't just built for creating intense combat scenarios.  It could really go a long way in Mirror's Edge 2, with an even bigger city, more parkour stunts to perform, and, best of all, the ability to outrun wonton destruction at a moment's notice, like a collapsing building or a helicopter attack.  Utilizing next-gen technology, DICE could create a real sense of wonder here, one that defines both the PS4 and Xbox One at their best.


Multiplayer potential

Finally, there's one more aspect that people would be frothing over the mouth over – multiplayer. And we're not just talking time trials like the original game had, but maybe even full involvement with players, whether it's full-on combat or races through enclosed areas, where parkour skills are put to the ultimate test. The idea behind running around a city with others, getting in trouble and retrieving hidden parcels could easily add replay value to an already extraordinary single-player adventure. I'd love to see it happen.

So there are a number of reasons why Mirror's Edge 2 could have people stirred up with excitement. Now let's see if it actually happens when E3 comes around…

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