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The pros and cons of not being subscribed to an MMO

The pros and cons of not being subscribed to an MMO

I spent my entire collegiate career subscribed to World of Warcraft. Playing MMOs on a nightly basis, as well as playing with a familiar group of people, became something of a comfort zone to me. Currently, however, I’m not subscribed to any MMOs. This brings me some very mixed feels. Let’s make a pros and cons list on this topic.

Pro: I have all the free time in the world now

Con: I’ve spent that free time spending a crap ton of money

Pro: Playing a video game doesn’t feel like a second job

Con: Wait, it’s my job to play and talk about video games.

Pro: I get to play so many more video games.

Con: I get to be disappointing by so many more video games.

Pro: I don’t have to schedule going out around raid nights.

Con: Sometimes the only person I hang out with at night is Liz Lemon.

Pro: Hanging out with Liz Lemon isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Con: I’m almost finished with 30 Rock.

Crap. I’m almost finished with 30 Rock. What the hell am I going to watch next?

You can follow Jake on Twitter @hop3less. You should also tell him what he should watch on Netflix next. Please don't say Archer, though.

Jake Valentine
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