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The one thing bitter PlayStation gamers aren't understanding about The Last of Us' DLC


Yesterday, Naughty Dog announced plans to release new content for The Last of Us in the form of cosmetics and gestures. This announcement was met with sharp criticism from a vocal minority on the PlayStation Blog

This single comment sums up the complaint some have with the DLC: "So they made the game $49.99 to nickel and dime you to death. This is bull****. And they don’t even give you a discount if you already own the game on PS3."

How exactly is any of this bullshit?

It's not. The ones complaining just think it is because they feel entitled to own every piece of DLC released since they purchased the Season Pass, despite Naughty Dog having ended the Season Pass content during the week of May 13. It's understandable to be frustrated with the type of content they are offering -- since cosmetic items are lame anyway -- but it's wrong to be angered that you aren't getting it for free or for a discount. 

The DLC that is being released over the course of the next month is completely optional. Please understand that cosmetics, clothing, gestures -- none of it has major impact on the actual multiplayer gameplay. No one is forcing you to buy it. If you don't think six "Grit and Gear" cosmetic items are worth $6.99, then don't buy it. It won't affect me. It won't bother anyone. And for those who keep b*tching about no discounted upgrade from the PS3 version to the PS4 version, well, that was also your choice. Sure, other publishers and developers may have offered such deals, but to automatically expect it just reeks of entitlement.

To be fair, not all PlayStation fans are b*tching about the DLC. Despite what some sites would have you believe, it's just a small portion of gamers voicing their displeasure on the PS Blog. Still, if these people would understand that this DLC is optional then we wouldn't have stories like "Naughty Dog's release of new DLC for The Last of Us made a lot of people angry." Because it wasn't a lot of people. 

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