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The Oculus Rift is on sale for $399, so here are 5 games absolutely worth checking out

Still a pricey investment, but worth diving into

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Lone Echo

Lone Echo / Echo Arena - $39.99 / Free

Ready at Dawn might be more remembered for their short, cinematic experience on the PS4 called The Order: 1886. If that game taught us anything, it's that the team definitely knows how to make stunning environments and characters, as well as a big focus on narratively driven experiences. That's one of the reasons why Lone Echo seemed interesting. The other, I'll get to shortly.

Lone Echo puts you in the shoes of a robot worker on a space station, assisting a captain with various maintenance tasks that later escalate into something much bigger. The big emphasis here is on player movement through zero gravity. All of the movement is done through pulling and pushing yourself through the environment, so you're literally floating through a space station. It's one of those "you have to experience it, to understand it" kind of feelings, but trust me when I say that this kind of experience is something I haven't yet seen in VR.

The second and arguably bigger reason this title caught my attention is its multiplayer component called Echo Arena, that can be played completely for free! If you've read or seen Ender's Game, you probably remember the segment where two teams fly in a zero gravity arena and they try to score getting a person through a goal on the other side. Echo Arena is similar, in that you're navigating through a zero gravity arena, but you're also throwing around a disc, as you pass it to other players, ultimately trying to score it in the opposing team's goal. It's terrific and given that it's free, it's something that absolutely must be played if/when you get yourself a Rift.

Lucky's Tale

Lucky's Tale - Free

When someone thinks VR, they think of the first-person experience that transports them to fantasy worlds that they can freely look around and be immersed in. However, Lucky's Tale challenges that notion by providing an amazingly adorable platformer, that's a joy to play.

Think PS2 era platformer with current generation graphics, and the ability to look around the level as you're navigating it as a cute little fox named Lucky. It works surprisingly well and given the buttery smooth controls of Lucky himself, it makes for a whimsical little platformer that's worth diving into.

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