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The Oculus Rift is on sale for $399, so here are 5 games absolutely worth checking out

Still a pricey investment, but worth diving into

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SUPERHOT VR - $24.99

While I tried to keep this list mostly Oculus exclusive, I simply couldn't leave this game off of this list, especially thanks to the fantastic Oculus Touch controllers that completely enhance the experience. After playing both the PSVR and Oculus versions of SUPERHOT VR, it's clear that the Oculus version is the definitive experience, both visually and how the game feels.

Like SUPERHOT, the VR version works similarly, where time only moves when you do, meaning you can watch bullet zoom by you in slow motion as you carefully dodge out of the way, then punch a guy's pistol out of his hand, grab it in mid air, and shoot him and his three buddies currently aiming at you. I have to think this is the closest thing to how Neo feels in the Matrix, and even with its simplistic art style, makes you feel like a complete badass.

Mage's Tale

The Mage's Tale - $39.99

For many, VR seemed like a great device for "experiences." Games that often let you experience short and carefully scripted sequences. The Mage's Tale is quite the opposite of that, a full game experience that can last over 10 hours, with exploration, a fun combat system, and the humor that Bard's Tale games before it, were known for.

The Mage's Tale puts you in the shoes of an apprentice who must save his master from an evil sorcerer. You'll explore tons of caverns with hidden rooms, solve environmental puzzles that often lead to unexpected rewards, and of course shoot various spells at enemies that you can craft and customize back in your home base. 

Thanks to the latest update, you're now able to freely move around the environment, which means you're no longer confined to simple teleportation. This addition alone makes exploration and even combat feel a lot more satisfying. If you got yourself a Rift, or are planning on getting one, and want a truly meaty RPG experience, then The Mage's Tale is an absolute no-brainer.

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