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The Oculus Rift is on sale for $399, so here are 5 games absolutely worth checking out

Still a pricey investment, but worth diving into

The Oculus Rift is currently on sale for $399. For that price, you're getting a $100 price cut on the headset itself, free Oculus Touch controllers, the current definitive way to play games on the device, and a slew of free games that are absolutely worth checking out.

After owning the PSVR since it launched in August, I felt like I was quite content with only having a single headset. The price cut certainly had me intrigued, and once I found out that the sale includes a slew of free games, it was tough to say no to. So now that I was able to put in some time playing a bunch of games, here are five that are absolute must-plays on the Oculus, in the case you end up picking up a headset for yourself while it's currently discounted for the next few weeks.

Robo Recall - Free with Oculus Touch registration

Robo Recall

This game normally retails for $30, but those who register brand new Oculus Touch controllers to their Rift account, get this amazing and hilarious shooter completely free. And since the $399 Rift promo includes those controllers for free, that means this should be one of the first games you play when you purchase and set up your Rift.

Robo Recall is a fast paced shooter set in a universe where defective robots are on a homicidal rampage, and it's up to you to use your arsenal of weapons, and even sometimes your bare hands to send those robots to the scrap yard. While this game, unfortunately, does utilize the teleportation technique to move around, something I'm not entirely fond of, it doesn't fully detract from the experience because it's set up as a shooting gallery that you happen to be able to move through.

The touch controllers make the experience feel absolutely incredible, and there's something completely satisfying about coming up to a robot, lifting him up with one of your hands, and then disassembling him piece by piece with the other, all while racking up style points. Oh, and did I mention you can catch bullets mid air and throw them back? Yeah, this game is awesome.

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