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The LEGO Movie Videogame Cheats - PS4 / PS3 Trophies


For The LEGO Movie Videogame, there are 49 Trophies to be earned: 40 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum. Here's each Trophy and the description on how to earn them:

Bronze Trophies

  • A House Divided: Play as Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty.
  • Ah! The Kragle!: Kragelize 10 people with the Kragle gun.
  • Always Read The Instructions!: Complete all Instruction Builds in Story Mode.
  • Are You A DJ?: Complete Level 3 - Flatbush Gulch.
  • Ayayaya!: Defeat 20 enemies as Sheriff Not-A-Robot.
  • Build Things Only You Can Build: Collect all Golden Manuals.
  • Building Bad: Attempt a Master Build-It with a Non-Master Builder.
  • Cover Your Butt!: Complete Prologue - The Prophecy.
  • Darn Darn Darn Darny Dan!: Complete Level 2 - Escape From Bricksburg.
  • END OF THE LINE!: Shoot Emmet with Robo Skeleton.
  • Every Man For Himself!: Complete Level 7 - Attack On Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • Firestarter: Make a Fire.
  • First Try!: Complete an Instruction Build without losing any studs.
  • Found Your Pants, Series Is Over: Complete Level 12 - Broadcast News.
  • Freeze, Turkeys!: Complete Level 4 - Flatbush Rooftops.
  • Glues Your Daddy?: Use the Kragle Gun to shoot Ma and Pa Bad Cop in the Relic Room.
  • Grrrg!: Smash a chair as Bad Cop.
  • I Am A Master Builder!: Complete Level 13 - Back From Reality
  • I Am The Computer: Collect all studs in any hacking mini-game.
  • I Super Hate You Right Now: Play as Superman and Green Lantern.
  • Including, But Not Limited To: Purchase all Master Builders.
  • It's Just Business: Use Lord Business Legs Machine.
  • Lets Get Craaazzzyyyy: Complete Level 1 - Bricksburg Construction.
  • Midas Touch: Complete all Golden Instruction Builds.
  • No Frowny Faces: Complete Level 6 - Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • Pow Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun!: Defeat 30 enemies as Emmet Cowboy.
  • Really hard? This be Impossible!: Destroy 50 enemies as MetalBeard.
  • Release Every Micro Manager!: Complete Level 14 - Bricksburg Under Attack.
  • Rest In Pieces: Complete Level 5 - Escape From Flatbush.
  • See You Later Alligator: Complete Level 11 - Put The Thing On The Thing.
  • SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!: Complete all Master Builds in Server Room as Benny.
  • The Opposite Of Happiness: Defeat 20 enemies as Rage Unikitty.
  • The Prophecy, I Made It Up!: Switch from Vitruvius into Ghost Vitruvius.
  • This Bedoubled Land Couch: Complete Level 10 - Infiltrate The Octan Tower.
  • To The Invisible Jet!: Find and destroy the Invisible Jet.
  • Too Bad!: Switch from Good Cop (Scribble Face to Bad Cop.
  • Wear Clothes... Check!: Customize your character.
  • Why Are My Pants Cold and Wet?: Complete Level 9 - The Depths.
  • You Can Still Change Everything: Complete Level 15 - The Final Showdown.
  • You Can't Build 'Em All At Once: Complete Level 8 - Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Silver Trophies

  • Honey, Where Are My Pants?: Collect all pairs of Pants (Single Player).
  • I Could Sing This Song For Hours: Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Construction Site dance mini game.
  • No Way, This Is My Jam: Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Kragelizer dance mini game.
  • Welcome To Bricksburg: Collect all of the Red Bricks (Single Player).
  • You Are The Special: Achieve The Special in every level (Single Player).

Gold Trophies

  • Business Business Business: Earn 1,000,000,000 studs.
  • Everything Is Awesome!: Achieve 100% completion.
  • The Special People In Your Life: Purchase all Characters (Single Player).

Platinum Trophies

  • The Piece of Resistance: Unlock All Trophies.

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