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The iSafe backpack will not only hold all of your gear, it will protect it as well


For my travels to PAX East 2012 in Boston, I was able to travel with a provided iSafe backpack. I was able to snuggly fit all of my belongings, knowing that they will be completely safe from anyone wanting to get their hands on any number of my handhelds, my iPad, or my extra pairs of socks.

How does a backpack ensure that all my valuables are safe from theft? Glad you asked! The appropriately named iSafe backpack includes a safety feature that lets you engage a loud alarm, which will alert all anyone else around you, and terrify anyone trying to take a snag at your valuables.

Before I ventured to Boston, I had to make ensure that the alarm worked properly. Not because I feared of getting mugged, but obviously since I knew the backpack had this feature, I just had to be sure it actually worked. The alarm did indeed work, and scared the life out of my coworkers, which actually put my mind at ease.

The way you engage the alarm is actually really easy. It's conveniently placed on the right shoulder strap and hidden beneath a flap. A simple pull on the cord under the flap will immediately sound the high pitched alarm. This sound not only ensures the safety of your valuables, but yours as well. The backpack can just as well be a personal alarm system, as well as protection for your things.

Luckily, I can say that I didn't need to use the alarm system during my time at PAX, but I was happy to know that the option was there.

There are several iterations of the iSafe backpack, ranging from school backpacks, to sling bags, to laptop backpacks. I was provided the Collegiate Backpack which is currently available for $79.98.

For the price of the bag, not the mention the safety it provides, it's a great value. If you feel like you don't need a bag this big, the School iSafe bag is smaller, and goes for $59.99.

For more info on the iSafe backpack, make sure to visit the official website.

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