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The GTA 5 Drinking Game

gta 5 drinking game

Grand Theft Auto 5 released yesterday with all the adult acts you'd come to expect. What better way to celebrate than with a drinking game. Play with friends, though, because you're just going to look like an alcoholic sitting there all alone drinking by yourself.

For the GTA 5 drinking game, you need: alcohol of your choice and the copy of GTA 5.


  • 1 shot every time you're uncomfortable hearing the N-word
    • If you're not uncomfortable hearing that word (or you're Riley Cooper), point to someone else in the room to drink
  • 1 shot every time a prostitute tells you that "you're so big"
  • 1 shot every time you're confused how a prostitute is talking while she's mouth hugging you
  • 2 shots when you play tennis or golf, because those sports are so boring you need lots of alcohol to find it fun
  • 1 shot to celebrate whenever you buy property; 2 shots if you buy a bar or marijuana shop
  • 1 shot whenever you check your Life Invader page
  • 1 shot every time you get an unwanted phone call or text about an upcoming mission
  • 1 shot every time you hear a story of a hiker being abducted on the radio
  • 1 shot every time you buy stock
    • 2 shots if you lose money on your investment
  • 1 shot every time you switch to Trevor and he's doing something psychotic
  • Whenever someone watching the game makes a comment on how big the city is or how nice the water looks, that person has to do 1 shot


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