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The gamescom PS4 Bloodborne Gameplay Trailer should have been named 'System Seller Trailer'


Thanks to Sony’s press conference at gamescom, we have a brand new trailer for From Software’s newest title, Bloodborne. My extreme bias for this game is at an unhealthy drool level. For someone who swore he wouldn’t buy a next-gen console, this game is easily a system seller for me. There is no way I’ll just sit idly and watch others tear into this beauty day one – no sir. The mere fact that this new footage is a gameplay trailer is like an answer to my prayers.

The purpose of this post is to completely break down this very trailer. The atmosphere, visuals, and monsters are reminiscent of a lovecraftian/Victorian style. From humanoids, to werewolves, to giant crows, to even hairy-armed monsters – Bloodborne has a ‘Souls’ appeal to it. Through having the same developer and especially with Miyazaki onboard, it hard not to expect greatness out of this Sony exclusive.

Blind faith is a fool’s errand, though. If the proof of awesomeness is in fact in the pudding, we’re going to need, you know, proof. Let’s left the rock up on this new trailer and let us see just what crawls out. Getting the CG out of the way, it looks horrifyingly gorgeous. Few things are as creepy as an ominous, well-dressed figure, with some sort of scepter, in a rocking chair. While the rest of this trailer is purely gameplay, this CG introduces to this world and sets the bar of dark expectations.

The initial narrator mentions how nighttime is more dangerous, but also is the time that the hunters return. Just who are these hunters? Are they friend or foe? Do you play as one? Since there are both day and night scenes in the trailer, will there be a greater difficulty in darker areas than light? Knowing how interconnected the world is in Dark Souls makes me wonder if Bloodborne will have a similar approach, or if it will it take up more of a hub approach like the Nexus in Demon’s Souls.

Combat appears similar to, but faster than other Souls games. The speed of the protagonist’s side step is incredible. At first I thought this was the roll mechanic in the game, but later, you see the main character roll forward to dodge the shooter. Fighting appears to be similar as if you main handed an ax class weapon with a crossbow in your off hand in Souls games. The reaction to the humanoids getting shot makes me think that it is more of a crowd control tool than a device for damage. The scuff with the crows gives the opposite feel though. Perhaps there will be different guns or modes for different challenges.

When the protagonist combines his gun with scythe-blade, that was a highlight. It appears that combining your right and left handed weapons are the equivalent to two-handing a weapon in other Souls games. I’d assume this type of attack option will add damage, range, and versatility to your kit. It would also appear that you can carry two different weapons in addition to the gun. It’s even possible that you can equip multiple weapons per hand that can be quickly swapped out like in Souls games.


Through we aren’t shown the start of the fight with the large humanoid near the fountain, the protagonist appear to perform a critical attack on the foe.  Since he’s in front of the creature, it is clearly not a backstab. Did we miss some sort of parry mechanism? Are we watching a riposte or perhaps a stagger critical like in Dark Souls II? I’m intrigued and want to know more!

The last thing I want to mention is the boss encounter. I’m going to go ahead and see it looks like Manus. I’m not saying there is tie to the Father of Abyss, I’m just saying from the little I’ve seen, the encounter reminds me of that battle based off the monster design, melee animations, its ability to pick you up, and the hairy arm. Regardless, anytime I watch a boss fight I want nothing more than to take it on. Nothing was worse than watching all those deaths on folk attempting the Looking Glass Knight in Dark Souls II.

In conclusion, screw all of you at Gamescom who get to play the floor demo. My animosity is purely out of jealousy. I’m sooooo looking forward to the previews of hands on gameplay. It was nostalgic to hear the climb ladder sound in the bit Sony showed of someone actually playing Bloodborne after the presentation – it was identical to Souls games. The good news is that I’m sure we’ll get plenty of more news on Bloodborne as it gets closer to release. The bad news is that March is still seven months away.

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